Unable to reset pc a drive partition is missing


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5 Solutions to “Unable to Reset COMPUTER. A forced drive partition is missing” Error in Windows

To fix some Windows worries, you deserve to choose to recollection your COMPUTER. However before, in this course, you might fail obtain such an error – “Unable to Recollection COMPUTER. A required drive partition is absent.” This post will certainly look at this error to carry out 5 reliable solutions.

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When your PC fails to boot up or suffers some severe device troubles, you might follow the virtual suggestions to recollection your PC. If it succeeds, your COMPUTER will certainly indeed reclaim. However, sometimes, reestablishing COMPUTER might fail and throw out the error – “Unable to Reset PC. A required drive partition is missing.” In this instance, you should take the complying with 5 remedies to resolve it.



First off, your computer disk might be extremely most likely to endure some errors, such as poor sectors. In this case, you need to examine and also repair disk errors using CHKDSK. It needs you to reboot your PC from an installation media. Then, you deserve to accessibility “Repair your computer” > “Cutting edge Options” > “Command Prompt” by adhering to ondisplay screen wizards. Later, in Command also Prompt, you deserve to use the “CHKDSK /c” line.

2. Run System File Checker (SFC)

Plus, this error can be resulted in by lacking or damaged device documents. Because of this, it is vital for you to examine and also repair the system files. This have the right to be achieved by the snap-in tool- System Data Checker (SFC). Like the over solution, get accessibility to Command Prompt and usage “sfc scannow” command line.

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3. Change Active Partition

As the error message argues, the call for drive partition is lacking. Because of this, it is vital and a wise concept to adjust energetic partition, which is the one that BIOS will certainly detect it as the booting partition. Now, you deserve to trigger Command Prompt and take the following actions.

First off, in Command Prompt, enter the adhering to commands: “diskpart” > “list disk”.Then, pick the particular disk, such as “pick disk 0”.Next, input “list partition”.Later, pick the specific partition, such as “choose partition 0”.After that, mark it active partition, usage “active” and also hit “Enter”.Finally, form “exit” to departure “diskpart” and Command Prompt.

4. Run Bootrec.exe Tool

In addition, tright here is a opportunity that the MBR or BCD file is corrupted. In this situation, it is important to correct, repair and also also rebuild the file. You can undertake the job through the bootrec.exe tool. You can run command prompt as usual. Then, make use of the command also lines consequently – “BOOTREC /SCANOS” > “BOOTREC /FIXMBR” > “BOOTREC /FIXBOOT” > “BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD”.

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5. Resave to Third Party Tool/Service

Assuming that the 4 options detailed over don’t work, you had better rekind to a trusted and competent 3rd party tool or appropriate skilled solutions. A few of them not only deserve to remove this error however additionally recuperate your helpful information, choose damaged PST information.

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