Unable to reset pc a required partition is missing

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Summary: In this blog, we’ll share a selection of approaches to resolve the “Unable to recollection your PC. A forced drive partition is missing” error on Windows 10 computer system. Downpack the free-to-attempt Stellar Documents Recoincredibly software application to recoup deleted mechanism documents on PC.

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Table of Content

1. Startup Repair to deal with the recollection error2. CHKDSK command to fix drive error3. SFC command to repair system files4. BOOTREC command to resolve boot issue5. DISKPART to change energetic partition6. Recoexceptionally tool to salvage partition data

Hello, while making use of the ‘Reset this PC’ alternative from Recoincredibly in Update & Security area of Windows Setups, I encountered the error: ‘Unable to reset your PC’. A compelled drive partition is absent. I don’t recognize what to do to fix the error and also finish the recollection operation properly. Please assist.

When your PC isn’t running well, you have the right to reset your PC to make it run perfectly again. But periodically the reset procedure doesn’t finish successfully and could throw an error—‘Unable to recollection your PC. A compelled drive partition is missing’.

Image: Unable to reset your COMPUTER error

The error restricts you to perdevelop the recollection operation. Do you know why you’re gaining the error?

Reasons for the Missing Drive Partition Error

Lost or inactive partitionWindows Boot Configuration File File damageCorrupt Master Boot RecordBad sectors in tough disk drive

When you gain the absent partition error on Windows 10 computer system, you have the right to fix the error by utilizing the techniques presented in the following sections.

Startup Repair to Fix the Reset Error

The Startup Repair alternative is accessible in the Windows Recoexceptionally Environment (WinRE). By making use of the Startup Repair alternative, you deserve to repair your difficult disk drive and acquire ameans via the missing drive partition error. Steps are as follows:

a. Go to Start > Power. Press the Shift key, then click Restart.

Start Menu

b. Alternatively, start your COMPUTER from Windows 10 installation media.

c. On WinRE, go to Choose an option > Troubleshoot > Modern options > Startup Repair.

d. Let the tool sdeserve to your PC for problems and resolve any kind of partition concerns.

e. Once the repair procedure is over, go to Troubleshoot and also pick Recollection this PC.

f. If everything goes well, you won’t receive the partition missing error.

g. Percreate the instructions as triggered to reinstall Windows on your COMPUTER.

CHKDSK Command also to Fix Drive Error

The inspect disk (chkdsk) command can help you to inspect and repair the file device and file device metainformation of hard drive for logical and physical errors. You should run the inspect disk command from Command also Prompt in WinRE. Steps are as follows:

a. Boot your PC into WinRE.

b. Go to Choose an option > Troubleshoot > State-of-the-art options > Command also Prompt.

c. In the command prompt, form chkdsk /c, then press Enter. The parameter c allows you to shave the right to and also repair NTFS formatted drive.

SFC Command to Repair System Files

The device file checker (sfc /scannow) command have the right to help you repair missing or corrupt Windows system files. You can run the command also from Command Prompt in WinRE. Steps are as follows:

a. Open Command Prompt in WinRE.

b. In the command prompt, form sfc /scannow, then push Enter.

BOOTREC Command also to Fix Boot Issue

The bootrec command also enables you to deal with the corrupt grasp boot record or boot configuration data paper. Run the command also from the Command Prompt in WinRE. Steps are as follows:

a. Open Command Prompt in WinRE.


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In the command also prompt, kind bootrec /scanos, then press Get in.

c. Type bootrec /fixmbr, then press Enter.

d. Type bootrec /fixboot, then push Enter.

e. Type bootrec /rebuildbcd, then push Go into.

You should run the various parameters of bootrec, one at a time.

DISKPART to Change Active Partition

The diskcomponent command deserve to help you to change energetic partition and get rid of ‘drive partition is missing’ error. The command needs to be run by utilizing Command also Prompt in WinRE. Steps are as follows:

a. Open Command also Prompt in WinRE.

b. In the command also prompt, kind diskpart, then press Enter.

c. Type list disk, then press Enter.

d. Type pick disk #, then press Enter. Here relocation # via the disk number, say 0.

e. Type list partition, then press Enter.

f. Type select partition #, then press Enter. Here rearea # via the partition number, say 0.

g. Type active, then push Enter.

h. Type exit, then push Enter.

Recoexceptionally Device to Recover Partition Data

Documents recoincredibly software application is helpful to look for all your missing partitions from the COMPUTER storage drive then recoup information from the partition one at a time. Steps are as follows:

a. Downpack & install the *trial variation of Stellar File Recoexceptionally Professional on your PC.

b. On the Select What To Recover screen, specify the type of data, then click Next.

c. On the Recover From screen, select “Can’t Find Drive,” then click Scan. Additionally, click the Click here link to access the very same.

Image: Recover From Screen via Can’t Find Drive Option Selected

d. In the Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Partition screen, select a drive, rotate on Extensive Search, and click Search.

Image: Select Hard Drive to Search Lost Partition Screen
Image: Select Partition to Recover File Screen

*The trial variation of Stellar Documents Recovery Professional for Windows enables totally free shave the right to and ptestimonial. To save your recoverable documents, activate the software application. The software has actually a 30-day money-ago guarantee, so activate it without any kind of hesitation.

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When you need to reset your COMPUTER and also you fail to execute so as a result of partition absent error, you have to initially repair the drive by utilizing Startup Repair and then recollection the PC. Else, usage the examine disk command (CHKDSK) or deal with device files by using device file checker (SFC). Try the BOOTREC tool to deal with any kind of boot concern. Or try to change the energetic partition by utilizing DISKPART. Use Stellar Data Recoexceptionally Professional for Windows to recover any kind of lacking partition and also its stored data from the PC drive.

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