Unable to reset your pc. the system drive cannot be found

On this web page, we"ll explain what reasons Windows unable to reset your PC, and also how to solve this worry without losing any type of data, and allow you to recollection your COMPUTER properly.

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Follow the efficient services below to deal with the "Cannot recollection PC" error to unlock the drive to reset your computer without losing any data:

PAGE CONTENT:Part 1. Recover File from Missing Partition and Back Up Important FilesPart 2. Fix "Unable to reset your COMPUTER. A forced drive partition is missing" Error - 6 WaysPart 3. How to Reset Your COMPUTER After Fixing "Unable to Reset PC" Error

Applies to: Fix "Unable to Reset Your PC" error in Windows 10/8.1/8/7, etc. without shedding any data. 

Error: Unable to Recollection Your PC

"I"m trying to reset my PC, yet as soon as I execute it making use of a USB drive, made with the media development tool, I acquire the error: Unable to Reset COMPUTER. A forced drive partition is absent."


Don"t concern if you happen to encounter this concern on your computer system while trying to recollection your PC in Windows 10/8/7. Here below, we"ll overview you to learn what causes this concern and also then list the respective remedies for each cause, and last, aid you properly reset your PC without shedding any kind of information.

Caoffers of "Unable to Recollection Your COMPUTER. A Required Drive Partition Is Missing" Error 

Apart from the absent drive partition error, there is an additional equivalent and common error that dispermits you from resetting the PC, which is "the drive wbelow Windows is installed is locked".

What do these errors suggest? And exactly how execute they come? "A compelled drive partition is missing" usually prompts when you"re trying to perdevelop a system reset or install a fresh version of Windows 10/8/7. This error message might appear due to:

The MBR (Master Boot Record) or BCD (Boot Configuration) has actually corruptedThere is something wrong through your computer system disksYou mechanism papers are lacking or damagedAs the error suggests, a compelled drive partition is missing

The options vary relying on the certain causes. The matching resolve for each reason has actually been provided listed below.

Workable SolutionsStep-by-action Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Run Bootrec.exeInsert Windows installation disk (DVD) or a bootable USB drive right into your computer system...Full steps
Fix 2. Redevelop MBRRun vivaworldcup.info partition software program > Right-click C drive and choose "Rebuild MBR"...Full steps
Fix 3. Run SFCRebegin your COMPUTER. When your Windows boots up, repeatedly press...Full steps
Fix 4. Set System Partition ActiveRun COMPUTER from installation media, usage command line to collection device partition as active...Full steps

Part 1. Recover File from Missing Partition and Back Up Important Files

Applies to: Protect your data from being removed or deleted because of resetting COMPUTER.

ImportantAccording to vivaworldcup.info data recoextremely experts, resetting PC might reason unmeant information loss worry and it"s not advised to carry out so.

If you want to reset COMPUTER regardmuch less of the truth that you"ve failed via the "a required drive partition is missing" error, please make sure that you"ve complied with the 2 preparation tasks as provided in this part. 

#1. Recover File from the Missing Partition

To stop additionally data loss when you fairesulted in recollection Windows 10/8/7, vivaworldcup.info information recoextremely experts indicate that you examine which partition is absent on your PC and also use dependable information recoextremely software application to bring back the lacking documents initially.

Here, you may try vivaworldcup.info Data Recoincredibly Wizard - your reputable choice for partition data recovery. It will totally sdeserve to the absent partition and also uncover all lost information in quick sdeserve to and deep sdeserve to settings. 

 Downpack for PC Download for Mac

What"s even more, it enables all Windows supplies to recuperate shed documents from the lacking partition in just 3 steps:

Step 1. Select a location and also begin scanning.

Launch vivaworldcup.info Data Recoextremely Wizard, hover on the location(difficult drive partition, outside HDD, Card devices) wright here you lost data, then click "Scan".


Step 2. Ptestimonial and also choose the documents.

Wait till the scanning completes. If you need to double-click the item to preview the file, then pick the data you attempt to recover.


Tip 3. Recover lost information.

Click "Recover", select a location to conserve the reextended data, then click "OK". You have to keep the information in another location rather of the original one.


#2. Back Up Important Files Before Reestablishing PC

As for reestablishing your PC will delete your files, settings, and also apps, except for the apps that came via your computer, it"s also recommfinished that you produce a backup of all important data on your computer to an outside storage device.

 Tbelow are two ways that you deserve to attempt to ago up your computer system data:

1. Manually copy and also paste papers to an outside tough drive. (Time-consuming)

2. Back up all information to an external hard drive at one time through reliable file backup software application. (Rapid & Efficient)

To save your time and power, we imply you use file backup software application prefer vivaworldcup.info Tocarry out Backup for aid. It"s rapid in backing up information and taking smaller space on your exterior difficult drive. 

Part 2. Fix "Unable to recollection your COMPUTER. A compelled drive partition is missing" Error

Applies to: Fix "Unable to recollection your COMPUTER. A compelled drive partition is missing" error in Windows 10/8/7, Windows 10 recollection failed, etc.

Here in this component, we"ve gathered * valuable solutions to assist you remove "Unable to recollection PC" error based upon the provided causes at the beginner of this page:

If you are not sure around the reasons why the error occurs, you deserve to attempt the remedies below in order.

Method 1. Run Bootrec.exe

Bootrec, additionally referred to as bootrec.exe energy, is a tool gave by Microsoft in the Windows Recovery Environment. Bootrec.exe have the right to be provided to settle the Master Boot Record (MBR), Boot Sector, Boot Configuration (BCD), and boot.ini.

If it"s the corrupt MBR or BCD that brought about "Reset PC failed" problem, the solution is to correct the MBR or BCD record via the aid of bootrec.

By the method, running bootrec.exe is also valuable in resolving the "Windows is loading files" loop. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Insert Windows installation disk (DVD) or a bootable USB drive right into your computer system.

Step 2. Restart PC and also press the "F2/F12/Del" essential to lug up the boot menu.

Tip 3. Select either the DVD or the USB disk from the boot menu.

Wait for the computer to boot right into the Windows Installation or Recoexceptionally DVD.

Step 4. Select "Install Windows" from the display screen that shows up and then select "Repair" your computer system.

Step 5. From the repair food selection, select "Troubleshoot" > "State-of-the-art Options" > "Command Prompt".


Tip 6. In the command prompt that opens, problem the complying with command one by one:

bootrec /fixmbrbootrec /fixbootattrib C:BootBCD -h -r -s renC:BootBCD C:BootBCD.bakbootrec /rebuildbcd

Method 2. Rebuild MBR

When the MBR is corrupted on a details partition, Windows might not permit you to recollection the computer. To fix this error, you"ll need a powerful computer management tool to redevelop the corrupted MBR.

Here, reliable partition manager software application - vivaworldcup.info Partition Master with its "Redevelop MBR" feature can help.

Tip 1. Create a WinPE bootable disk.

Download and launch vivaworldcup.info Partition Master on a new COMPUTER which runs the very same mechanism as yours.Click "WinPE Creator" on the toolbar. And select to produce the bootable disk on a USB drive. If your computer system has actually a CD/DVD drive, you have the right to additionally produce the bootable disk to CD/DVD.Click "Proceed" to complete the procedure.

Tip 2. Redevelop MBR.

Connect the bootable USB or CD/DVD to your PC.Press "Del" as soon as you are refounding the computer system. Boot your computer from "Removable Devices" or "CD-ROM Drive". And then vivaworldcup.info Partition Master will certainly run automatically.Right-click the disk whose MBR is damaged. Choose "Rebuild MBR" to proceed.

Click the "Execute 1 Operation" switch at the top-left edge and also click "Apply" to build the MBR. After that, your computer can boot commonly aobtain.

Method 3. Run SFC (System File Checker)

The error "Unable to Reset PC. A required drive partition is absent." may additionally occur as a result of missing or corrupted mechanism papers.

To your relieve, the Windows System Documents Checker tool is able to repair missing or corrupted device records for you.

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Here are the procedures to run the tool:

Tip 1. Press Windows + X secrets, click Search and also kind cmd in the search box.

Step 2. Right-click onCommand Prompt and choose "Run as Administrator".

Tip 3. Type the sfc command also to repair the absent or corrupted device files that bring about "Unable to recollection PC" error and hit Enter: sfc /scannow


Method 4. Set System Partition as Active

Only one partition can be designated as "Active" and that should be your mechanism partition. If you have actually assigned the active partition incorrectly, your COMPUTER won"t boot and also you may enrespond to the error message saying, "Unable to reset your COMPUTER. A required drive partition is missing".

To collection your system partition as active, you"ll must boot your COMPUTER up from a Windows installation disk fist, then enter Command also Prompt and use some command also lines to collection the device partition as active. Here are these steps:

Tip 1. Insert Windows installation disk (DVD) into your COMPUTER and also rebegin the computer system.

Step 2. Press the "F2/F12/Del" vital to enter the BIOS boot food selection.

Tip 3. Select the Windows installation USB or the DVD as the boot drive from the boot food selection.

Tip 4. Reboot PC and also wait for the computer system to boot right into the Windows Installation or Recoextremely DVD.

Tip 5. When "Install Windows" display shows up, pick "Repair" your computer.

Step 6. From the repair menu, choose "Troubleshoot" > "Cutting edge Options" > "Command Prompt".

Tip 7. Type the complying with command lines and hit Get in each time to solve "Unable to Reset PC" error:

diskpartlist diskchoose disk 0 (the disk contains your device partition)list partitionpick partition 0 (the device partition)activeexit

Method 5. Run CHKDSK

Disk errors can also cause the problem "Unable to Recollection COMPUTER. A forced drive partition is missing." Fortunately, CHKDSK have the right to be used to examine and also repair your disk errors like file device errors or poor sectors.

According to some individuals, running CHKDSK to fix corrupted file system might outcome some file loss. Don"t concern if you have encountered the same worry. vivaworldcup.info Data Recoextremely Wizard is able to aid.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Repeat Tip 1 to Step 6 (as presented in Method 1 or Method 4) to boot your COMPUTER from the installation media.

Step 2. Choose to repair your computer system.


Tip 4. Click "Troubleshoot" > "Modern Option" > Select "Command Prompt".

Step 5. Type the command also line chkdsk c: /f and hit Go into.

If this don"t work-related, type chkdsk C: /f /x /r and also hit Get in. (Rearea "c" with the drive letter of the volume you want to check).

Method 6. Percreate System Restore

If the over 5 methods above all faicaused solve the error "Unable to Recollection PC. A required drive partition is absent.", your last choice is to gain back your device to an earlier suggest. 

To carry out so, you still need the assist of using Windows installation USB or DVD for help:

Tip 1. Insert Windows installation USB and also resart PC.

Tip 2. Enter BIOS and also collection COMPUTER to boot from Windows installation media USB.

Step 3. On Windows Install window, pick "Repair your computer".

Tip 4. Select "Troubleshoot" > "Modern Options" > "System Restore".

Step 5. Choose a previous functioning state (data) to reclaim to your computer system.


Step 6. Wait until Windows Restores your system. Then restart your computer.

After this, your computer system is now running through a previou healthy and balanced version of Windows. Everypoint will work normally, so to the "Reset PC" procedure.

Part 3. How to Reset Your COMPUTER After Fixing "Unable to Reset PC" Error

If you still want to recollection your computer after addressing "Unable to recollection your PC. A required partition is missing" error, follow the actions right here one by one, you"ll successfully recollection the computer system on your own:

Important: To avoid uimportant data loss as a result of reestablishing COMPUTER, we imply you Backup Files Before Factory Recollection PC in breakthrough.

Here"s exactly how to reset your Laptop/PC in Windows 10/8/7 easily:

Step 1. Right-click Start or Windows symbol, select "Settings > "Upday & security" > "Recovery" > "Recollection this PC" > "Get started".


Step 2. Click either "Keep my files" or "Rerelocate everything".

If you didn"t back up any type of information, pick "Keep my files" to keep your information files intact.

In either way, all of your settings will certainly return to their defaults and apps will be unmounted. 


Tip 3. If you decided "Remove everything" in the prior step, select "only the drive wbelow Windows is installed" or "All drives"


Step 4. Select "Rerelocate files and clean the drive" if you are going to sale the computer system. The next user can"t recoup your erased files.

If you"ll conitnue using the computer system, choose "Just rerelocate my records."


Tip 5. Click "Reset" when prompted.

Windows will then rebegin and also take 20 minutes or much longer time to recollection itself.


Wait patiently till the totality procedure completes and also your computer system successfully restarts. If the computer functions fine, you have the right to regain the backup information to a file drive to exploit them again.

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The Bottom Line

Sometimes, you might need to reset COMPUTER once there are significant worries on your computer. Don"t worry if you encountered the error "Unable to Recollection PC. A required drive partition is missing" in the time of the setting PC process. To resolve this worry, we indicate you reclaim shed information from the lacking partition through the aid of vivaworldcup.info data recoexceptionally software application.

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Then, you can try the 6 practical techniques as presented above to settle the problem efficiently without shedding any kind of information. When you are done with this error, you can proceed reestablishing the computer system, making it work-related usually again. Once aobtain, remember to earlier up your valuable documents with free backup software program prior to the procedure.