Uninstall microsoft basic display adapter

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I clea mounted my grpahics driver to see if i might solve some difficulties, so when i rebegan I accedentally ( very stupidly ) uninstalled the display screen driver (intel intergrated HD graphics family) Now when i check the screen driver it shows Microsoft fundamental display screen adapter, and I cannot upday,uninstall, install new chauffeurs. Please help me.

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Microsoft needs a display driver for it to display screen anything to your display. It"s required to be there till a new driver is installed. You must have the ability to install the proper chauffeurs through those in usage. It wouldn"t be feasible must you rerelocate them first (you couldn"t use your computer system if you did).

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Microsoft calls for a screen driver for it to display screen anything to your screen. It"s required to be tright here till a new driver is set up. You must have the ability to install the appropriate chauffeurs via those in use. It wouldn"t be feasible should you rerelocate them initially (you couldn"t usage your computer if you did).
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