Unknown drive in disk defragmenter

Hi, i am a user of WIndows 8.1 Pro. once is start Disk Defragmenting tool, it reflects a Drive named "\?volume417f17f0-b1e9-47ac-929f-db4ee53cee6a". This drive doesn"t obtain displayed in Disk Management option. This drive is highly fragmentized and also Disk defragment optimization does not work on this drive.

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Please assist me in this case and let me know about this\?volume417f17f0-b1e9-47ac-929f-db4ee53cee6a named drive.

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Hi Prashant,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

There are numerous reasons why you cannot defrag the hard disk:

If the drive is being offered by one more regimen, or is formatted making use of a paper device other than NTFS, FAT, or FAT32, it can not be optimized.Netoccupational drives can"t be optimized.You have to have minimum 15% of difficult disk room.If a drive isn"t showing up in Optimize Drives, it could be because it has an error. Try to repair the drive first, then return to Optimize Drives to attempt aobtain. For even more information, check out "To repair a drive" at the finish of this short article.

Improve performance by optimizing your drive

http://home windows.vivaworldcup.info.com/en-in/windows-8/improve-performance-optimizing-hard-drive

Follow these methods and inspect if it helps:

Method 1: If the hard disk is complete you cannot optimize drive try relocating some papers to an additional tough disk and examine if you deserve to defrag the hard disk.

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Method 2: I would suggest you to boot into Safe Setting and also then try defragmenting the difficult disk and inspect.

Windows Startup Settings (consisting of safe mode)

http://home windows.vivaworldcup.info.com/en-in/windows-8/windows-startup-settings-safe-mode

Method 3: I would suggest you to run examine disk on the computer and check if it helps:

Go to Start Page. b) Type: CMDc) The Apps web page will certainly come up. d) Right click command also prompte) Click “Run as Administrator” on the bottom pane.f) If you acquire the User Account Control prompt. Click Yes to proceed.g) At the Command Prompt, type Chkdsk /r /f

Important: While percreating scanning on the tough drive if any kind of bad sectors are uncovered on the tough drive once scanning tries to repair that sector if any kind of data available on that can be lost.

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Hope this helps. If you require additionally assistance through Windows, let us understand and also will be glad to assist.