Upgrade server 2003 to 2012 r2

Figure 1 reflects the MAP toolkit major food selection with the sample database loaded. It supports a vast variety of planning capabilities, as you have the right to watch from the left-hand food selection. For the purpose of learning your Windows Server 2003 servers, you should select the Server scenario:

Figure 3: Windows Server 2003 Inventory from MAP Toolkit (Image Credit: Sean Deuby)


In enhancement to tracking servers, you also must keep track of even more soft indevelopment about the server and its workpack. This form of tracking will certainly many likely be a complicated task, as eexceptionally server and application has its administrators, owner, and also customers. And you’re going to have to connect through every one of them for this migration.

The complying with list is indevelopment that you will most likely must obtain:

 Note: This list is also available in worksheet develop at http://1drv.ms/1CiJbog.

Name: The server nameLocation: The physical location of the systemType: Standard server or an installed systemBase hardware: The base server model (“HP DL380 G4”)Workload(s): Worktons running on this system (“Documents & Print, SQL Server, IIS, ADVERTISEMENT domajor controller”)Business purpose: The service purpose of this system (“manufacturing system”, “DC for flybynightsoftware application.com domain”)Owner Name: The hardware’s ownerOwner EmailOwner PhoneCriticality: How mission-crucial the device isStakeholders: The organization owners and also high-level individuals that have actually a stake in the system’s use and should be connected in the migration planning.User Locations: Onwebsite, offsite, distributedAccess method: Deskheight wealthy application, browser-based, mobile appWorkpack Support Status: Unsupported / Supported on Windows Server 2003 / Upgrade availableHardware Support Status: Contract detailsFootprint: Physical or virtual?Utilization: Heavily used? Mostly idle?Storage requirements: Is a SAN or various other certain storage kind required? Uncommonly big databases?Network-related requirements: Fibre Channel, inexplicable bandwidth needs. Does it need one-of-a-kind firewall rules? Does it need to be on an isolated network?Availcapacity requirements: High availcapacity demands. Does it need to be component of a cluster?Security requirements: Does the system require smart cards or certificates?Regulatory requirements: What regulatory or compliance needs is this device subject to that might affect its migration requirements?Remote access requirements:Other dependencies: Is the device part of a workflow or multi-tier application that might be influenced by its migration?Other installed software: What various other software program is set up on the system (e.g. backup, management, security)?

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