Upgrade windows 2003 to 2008 r2

You CANNOT carry out in-location upqualities from 32bit to 64little bit OS architectures. It is also recommfinished to run latest SPs and updates on all makers.

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Furtheeven more installing SQL on DCs or some extra software program as your accounting one is BAD design in situation a DC need to be restored from backup.

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Monday, August 6, 2012 6:16 AM


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Before upgrading and as a finest exercise, I would imply to install SP2 on existing 2003 DC.

Check followings procedures to upgrade :

Prep your forest and also domain.The 2008 R2 media contains two ADPREP versions (adprep and also adprep32).

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If your present 2003 DCs are 32little bit, usage ADPREP32 else usage ADPREP just.Install a 2008 R2 member server.Use dcpromo to promote the 2008 R2 server.By default the 08 dcpromo will make it a worldwide catalog additionally make it a DNS server and make certain you likewise connumber forwarders and also setup zones as essential. (based upon what you have on the 2003 DCs).After the reboot, utilizing REPLMON and REPADMIN, make certain replication is functioning.Once you are ok and made certain that AD/DNS replication is working (assuming you are making use of ADVERTISEMENT incorporated DNS) .Transfer FSMO roles to the brand-new 2008 DC.Make sure clients (static and DHCP) are currently likewise pointing to the brand-new 2008R2DCs for DNS.Then as soon as you are ready you can shut the 2003DCs dvery own or revolve of the ports to make certain that you didn"t miss out on anypoint. This deserve to be done, once you have all the 2008 R2 DCs up.Once you are ok through the 2008 R2 DCs and that whatever is working you can run dcpromo and also demote the 2003 DCs.I would personally leave 2003as member servers and also have DHCP run on them.Once you know you will certainly never before need or introduce another 2003 DC then you can raise your doprimary and forest practical levels to 2008 R2 and enjoy all the cool brand-new attributes choose the AD recycle bin, fine-grained passwords.

Please note, Installing DHCP, Accounting System or SQL on DC is not a ideal practice.

See this link 2003 to 2008R2:


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