Upgrade windows server 2003 to 2012 r2

I"m upgrading my single main server (AD, DNS, File/Print server) and also I"m going from one physical machine to another. The old OS is Server 2003 (the orginal) through a Server 2000 schema and also the new OS is a fresh instevery one of Server 2012 R2. The current AD is really straightforward with only the fundamental admin, non-admin customers and the default stuff.

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I"m searching for the best/easiest way to make the convariation in between these two makers considering that I"m messing with the Doprimary Controller and really want to upgrade the schema to 2012.

Please list recognized solution and also references, thanks. Keep in mind that this will certainly be my first DC transfer/production so don"t go crazy on the remedies.


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Keep in mind I"m mainly concerned around the AD/DC transport, whatever else need to be a breeze and also is currently configured. My orginal idea was to totally ruin the domain and begin from the ground up, however I perform have actually about 15 computers that I would need to relocate over to the brand-new domain in addition to keeping all of the default user profile information alive and also functioning within all of the prodocuments on those computers. Was considering utilizing this software for that purpose: https://www.forensit.com/downloads.html

Thanks in advance for the Indevelopment and also Support.


It"ll organize your hand upgrading to 2012. If you"re adventurous you can develop a digital lab through 2003 and also 2012 and also test your upgrade / migration solutions.


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If you do not have actually any 2000 DC"s in your netjob-related, raise the forest and domajor useful levels to 2003 R2. Then once you have actually no more 2003 R2 DC"s (after you have actually 2012 R2 up and also running) then raise the levels to 2012 R2. The procedure of adding a brand-new DC with 2012 R2 is not extremely hard at all. 

The 2012 R2 OS has the capacity to import/move server settings. In this instance you would install 2012R2, on the old machine capture the DC config/settings making use of the Server migration tool will certainly make your life so much less complicated. It"s virtually like upgrading a user machine and migrating their profile.

This is acquiring the majority of concerns lately. You have to raise the practical level to 2003 and also then run the 2012 ADPrep. Then promote a 2012 server to a DC and also the replication will certainly take place.

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I am a lot of of the method through a 2k3 to 2012 migration currently. Adding the server side-by-side renders it straightforward to just promote the brand-new one and also remove functions on the old. If anypoint breaks (I had actually issues through our exreadjust server) you deserve to re-enable the function easily. As currently said, bring the sensible level to 2003 initially. The best headache for me has been acquiring brand-new print drivers loaded. The migration tool wouldn"t work-related in my case. We have actually older printers and the old server was 32-bit. I had actually to uncover 64 bit drivers through a equivalent 32little driver for 5 printer models.

Once you remove ADDS from the old one, you deserve to take the sensible level up the remainder of the method.

I perform not have access to a server 2003 R2 install disk, I do yet have actually a server 2003 install disk. I am operating under the expertise that I must upgrade to a 2003 R2 schema prior to doing any migration and that is presently impossible for me to do.

You don"t require the 2003 install disk to adjust functional levels.. (at least I didn"t when i went from 2003 to 2012) - Windows will tell you that you have to readjust the practical level prior to you can usage 2012 AD/DS attributes.

You deserve to easily migrate from server 2003 to 2012 R2.

Take a look a this guide:


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Alappropriate, that seems to fix some of my misunderstandings, I"ll offer it a try and also article the outcome. many thanks.

Okay, I"ve run into an additional issue. The old server 2003 is a 32little install and the new server is of course a 64little bit install so I can"t run ADprep. I carry out have the 32little bit ADprep from server 2008, yet I do not recognize if that helps any kind of. Thoughts and suggestions?

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