Usb ports only work in bios



I newly bought the thinkstation s30 (0606-eg4) motherboard through the xeon e5-1620 0, to construct a pc (Gtx 1070 / xeon e5 1620 0/ 16gb ddr3/512gb SSD/ 1To HDD/ powersupply 1000w 80+ bronze/ chassis: nox infinity sigma;

The problem is, after I set up home windows my front usbs are not working (they are associated each on its slot (usb 2.0 btw);

I tried checking them in bios and also they work perfectly fine (plugged a key-board to the front usb port and it operated fine in bios) and also when home windows starts they dont occupational anymore.

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I guessed the difficulty is drivers reset up them and nothing they are still not working.

I tried reinstalling windows/ repairing it, the difficulty remained.

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Systems please ?


I really favor Frankenstein rigs. Congratulations on the construct. Can we watch some pictures? Also pleasewrite-up a picture of your front panel cables plugged right into the device board. I desire to confirm that you are in the correct place please. Also verify the Device manager is not missing chauffeurs please.

Which driver (or drivers) did you attempt to reinstall to try to resolve this? For S30 motherboards of the MT 0606 selection, the front USB ports are USB2 and also pushed by the chipset. So I would certainly make certain you have actually the latest chipcollection chauffeurs mounted. You need to be able to uncover those right here.

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Beyond that, you deserve to double inspect to ensure those ports are totally allowed in BIOS setup (we did assistance a BIOS alternative to disable those). You deserve to additionally examine to ensure the cable is correctly plugged to the board, yet if they were misplugged for any kind of factor (choose an off-by-one scenario), they wouldn"t work in BIOS setup as you asserted they did.

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