Used hard drive for xbox 360

I am looking at buying a "fat" difficult drive for Xbox 360. My consingle is an Arcade "Jasper" model (I currently have a 20GB HDD and a 32GB USB stick - it's usable yet exceptionally uncomfortable). The consingle is not modded and is updated to the latest firmware / dashboard. I would favor to keep it that means. Is tright here any kind of method that a offered hard drive can be modded in such a means as to present problems via Xbox Live / obtain my console banned or anypoint of the sort? Seller clintends that the drive is not tampered with in any means, but is tbelow a method to know for sure? I play mostly multiplayer games, so maintaining my console digital is first priority.

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Do I have actually a factor to be mindful once buying a offered HDD?


Nope. Tbelow is only one sort of mod for 360's that lets you carry out ANYTHING through the tough drive. That is dubbed a JTAG or RGH hack. They frequently require the use of a 360 that have not been on Live considering that 2005ish , require some soldering and also a whole lot of fucking with.

So needless to say that coming throughout among these or components supplied on these in the wild is going to be super rare. People that DO usage shelp hacks usually get a large 2TB hard drive anymethod.

I'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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The just thing that might cause problems is if it is a non Microsoft branded drive it may be absent the partition that lets you play original Xbox games. Other than that tright here is no danger of banning, and so on. I erected and installed my very own 500gb drive into a slim and also it still works to now without worry.

For what it's worth, when I initially bought a 360 S (the 4GB Arcade edition), I took my old 360 Phat HDD out of its enclosure and supplied that on my 360 S. And through the aid of two pink styrofoam pieces that I reduced, I sandwiched the HDD snugly in the 360 S drive bay to save it from disconnecting or rattling about.

... and also then a few days later on, the 360 S through the 250GB HDD went on a sale. Returned the 4GB model and also obtained that rather.

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The moral of the story is utilizing a Phat HDD on a 360 S led to absolutely no problems via Xbox Live or any other functions.


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