Warframe connection to host has been lost

So me and my buddy are having problems connecting via each other to do goals in a squad, and also I was wondering if someone might aid.

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Eextremely time I invite him into a squad, it mirrors him on my screen, but on his it doesn"t. And as soon as I begin the timer, the game display screens that he disconnects as soon as it gets dvery own to 3 secs.

When he invites me, the character symbols at the top left disappear and also I do not fill right into his game or his squad.

Any assistance is welcomed!



I provided to have actually equivalent worries via connecting to games others were in, also if they were in my squad prior to the mission.

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I solved this by altering particular settings. To get to these settings, start running warstructure so that you gain the page that checks for updates. Instead of clicking "Play," go to the gear/settings symbol in the edge. Try playing via what versions of DirectX you are using. That solved it for me.


The initially test is through each own"s link. See if both of you have actually a stable link for basic purposes (utilizing social media, watching videos, downloading large documents, choose games...).

If you are safe about those, open Warframe, set your game mode to public and also go to a renowned node (alerts, boss nodes, infestation nodes, intrusion nodes...) and view if each of you can connect to various other human being and have actually a steady link with them. If you played the entire match through no Host Migration resulting in any kind of of you obtaining back right into the Landing Craft or in a Solo mission, you must have no massive connection problems.

In my instance, I have actually a pretty good link in regards to bandwidth, downloading in a decent rate and utilizing any website via ease, yet I might only play Warframe games as a host, bereason if I entered as a customer I would certainly sucount disaffix in the middle of the game.

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Because Warframe supplies the host"s connection as a support to the game lobby, either you enter your friends game (and also it works, because the settings may be different) or either of you have to have actually your router checked for correct port forwarding and connectivity.