We couldnt create the outlook data file

Microsoft Outlook enables its individuals to work-related through multiple accounts like Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo.com, etc. In this method, various client emails deserve to be managed at a single interchallenge. Configuration of an e-mail client in Outlook is easy irrespective of the kind of the profile except in rare cases where individuals have to challenge an issue sometimes where a message pops up like:

We couldn’t develop the Outlook File File……….”


We are going to talk about the various ways to deal with this error and help the user work in Outlook with a newly configured email account.

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Why Couldn’t Outlook Create the Documents File?

Bugs in the brand-new function of Outlook might not enable to add any brand-new account in it. This factor is viable as soon as the user chooses File>Add account means to include the account (and also not the traditional Control Panel>Mail path). And the outcome is “We couldn’t create the Outlook information file” error. However before, tright here might be various other factors prefer the Simplified Account Creation wizard for Outlook, which shows up when we start the application.

Tips to Fix “We Couldn’t Create the Outlook Documents File” Error

You deserve to attempt the below-provided approaches one by one to inspect what functions for you:

Disable Simplified Account Creation with Registry Editor

This technique would certainly disable the “Connect Outlook to Office 365” function (if connecting an Office 365 account in Outlook) and let the user include account in a traditional way.

Type regmodify in Run dialogue box (press Windows+R) and click OK.Reach this path in the opened up Registry Editor page.


On reaching the Setup folder, right-click the right blank pane and also click New ≫ DWORD (32-bit) Value. Get in the name as DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation and press Enter.

Next off choose that name, right-click it, and also select Modify choice.


In the opened Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialogue box, enter Value data as 1 and also click OK.


Hence, the Simplified Account Creation function is disabled. You have the right to now attempt to configure your account in the Outlook application.Add New Account utilizing Alternative Ways

Here, we are suggesting you two alternative approaches to add or configure the brand-new email account.

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Using the Manage Prodocuments optionFollow the steps here to add a brand-new account in Outlook with the Manage Propapers attribute.

Start the Microsoft Outlook application. Go to File>Manage Profiles choice.


Click Yes to proceed. A Mail Setup dialogue will certainly get opened up, click Email Accounts option.


Click New option to produce a new email account.


Add the details of the preferred account and then follow on for completing the process.


Using Mail alternative in Control Panel:Anvarious other method to include an account is using Control Panel. Check out the steps:

Go to the Control Panel and also click the Mail option.


The Mail Setup dialogue box gets open. Click Email Accounts alternative and continue the same as in the previous approach from Step 2)


You can try all the over solutions easily and also obtain to the worry readdressed. Other than this issue, PST file corruption is among the significant concerns which Microsoft Outlook customers challenge in actual life. Though tright here is a complimentary hands-on solution in which you can downpack scanPST.exe for repairing the corrupt PST papers, it is not best for large-sized and also sevedepend corrupted PST records. In that instance, choosing a reliable PST repair solution would be reasonable. Kernel Outlook PST Recoexceptionally tool is all excellent for addressing PST associated issues whether damage, corruption, information loss, and so on. It has basic GUI and smart functions for customized information recoextremely to any kind of destination including Office 365. For much better knowledge of this progressed tool, we imply you try its demo variation on the website.

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Summing Up

Bugs in the new Outlook function to add a new account might develop hindrance in configuring a new account in the Outlook application. However, the concern can be resolved by adopting some simple manual tricks.