Western digital my passport not recognized mac

Is your WD My Passport hard drive not arriving or working on Mac? Here you deserve to uncover a list of services to deal with the concerns efficiently. If it has actually resulted in information loss, downpack vivaworldcup.info Documents Recoexceptionally to recuperate information from your WD My Passport difficult drive.

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Everypoint has fregulations, even the WD My Passport for Mac drive that you offered for years.

It happens frequently that:

WD My Passport will not display up when connecting to your Mac computer WD tough drive"s light is on however not working after macOS Big Sur upday My Passport WD external drive won"t open up the password application on M1 Mac Mac didn"t unlock the My Passport WD drive however asking for WD Drive Unlock application My Passport WD becomes encrypted or unreadable on your Mac

Either means, your essential information on this drive will become inavailable and also comes to you a lot.

If the WD My Passport is not arriving on Mac desktop, Finder or Disk Utility after connecting to your Mac, just how to find it and make it work? If you can not see records from WD outside difficult drive on Mac, how to accessibility data? You"ll obtain answers right here.

Recover data from WD My Passport difficult drive

To avoid the loss of essential data, please make sure you have a backup copy of data. Without a backup? It"s not necessarily the end of the world. You deserve to at initially recuperate lost data from the WD My Passport for Mac with expert Mac data recoincredibly software, prefer vivaworldcup.info Data Recoextremely Software for Mac.

Free Download

Free Download

vivaworldcup.info Data Recoexceptionally for Mac is a experienced data recovery software application that is able to recoup deleted files on Mac, recuperate shed data from formatted, inavailable, corrupted, unmountable, unreadable difficult drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, etc.

It"s compatible through macOS Big Sur 11/Catalina 10.15/Mojave 10.14/High Sierra/Sierra 10.12 and also Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7, on both Intel- and also M1-based Macs.

Tutorial to recuperate data from My Passport for Mac difficult drive:

1. Downfill and also install vivaworldcup.info Data Recoextremely for Mac on Mac.2. Launch vivaworldcup.info File Recoextremely for Mac.
3. Select My Passport for Mac and also click "Next" button to sdeserve to all information on this drive.4. Pevaluation the looking outcomes, select papers you require, and click "Recover" to acquire them ago.

Troubleshoot WD My Passport not showing up on Mac issue

Usually, maloperated USB port or Mac computer system, the broken USB cable and some hardware problems can make WD My Passport not showing up.

You have the right to carry out the following basic checks before go better troubleshootings.

Safely rerelocate the WD My Passport and reaffix it to the USB port. Try quickly plug and also slowly plug, which occasionally just functions for no factor. Check whether the USB cable or USB port is poor by connecting other hard drives to this USB port or cable and check out if that provides a difference. Reboot your Mac computer to view if your WD My Passport drive is not showing up in Disk Utility/Finder or not. Connect the WD My Passport to another Mac computer or Windows COMPUTER, which will uncover out if it is the incompatible file mechanism of the drive that provides this WD My Passport undetectable.

How to solve WD My Passport not getting here on Mac issue?

If the WD My Passport for Mac still does not occupational or not present up on Mac after the fundamental checks, go ahead to try out the remedies as listed below to make it show up on Mac.

Systems 1: Check Finder Preferences

If your WD My Passport is not showing up in Finder and also desktop, it"s possible that the configuration of the Finder Precommendations is preventing your WD My Passport drive arriving.

In various other words, you didn"t permit the linked tough drives arriving in the Finder or on the desktop computer.

Now, follow the overview below to collection Finder Preferrals and also make the WD My Passport for Mac display up in Finder or on the desktop.

1. Go to Finder > Precommendations > General tab.2. Tick the "External disks" choice to show the WD My Passport for Mac on the desktop.
3. Go to Sidebar tab, tick "External disks" under "Devices" to present your WD My Passport for Mac in Finder.

Equipment 2: Check My Passport for Mac in Disk Utility

If the WD My Passport for Mac drive is still not getting here in Finder or on the desktop, you have the right to check out whether it is showing up in Disk Utility or not.

When checking WD My Passport in Disk Utility, you could have 2 results:

1. Your WD My Passport drive is detected and showing up in Disk Utility, but it is greyed out or not mounting.

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2. Your WD difficult drive is not recognized, so it"s not getting here in Disk Utility at all.

Here, we"ll show you options to case 1.

Method 1: Mount WD My Passport for Mac in Disk Utility manually

Sometimes, tough drives cannot be instantly placed in Disk Utility, even though Mac has actually detected the tough drive. So it"s feasible that you"ll check out the WD My Passport for Mac drive not mounting in Disk Utility. In this case, you deserve to manually mount the tough drive.

1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.2. Click "Sjust how All Devices" in View alternative at the left edge of Disk Utility.3. Select your WD My Passport for Mac drive from the left sidebar and also click the Mount switch on the optimal of Disk Utility window.

Instead, you have the right to likewise click the mount icon alongside the drive to mount it instantly.

Method 2: Repair WD My Passport for Mac drive with First Aid

If you can not mount the WD My Passport for Mac manually, tright here need to be some file device problems in this drive.

But do not concern. There is a indigenous repair tool referred to as First Aid in your Mac computer"s Disk Utility, which is able to analyze and repair standard difficult drive troubles particularly through file systems and also catalogs, exhas a tendency, volume bit maps. You deserve to follow the instructions to solve this problem.

1. Go to Disk Utility.2. Select the WD My Passport for Mac.3. Click First Aid on the top of the Disk Utility window.
4. Click Done as soon as the reparation finishes.

Solution 3: Install the Latest WD Utilities

This has actually been disputed a lot that Western Digital tough drives not working after Big Sur update or once connecting to an Apple Silsymbol M1 MacPublication Air.

Generally, you"ll get a comparable message as follows and also you can"t open up or unlock your WD drive (My Passport):


If you have provided WD Utilities or have created a secure password to keep others from accessing the papers on the drive, you have to password unlock the drive (unless you permit auto unlock for this computer) each time you:

Shut down or restart your MacYou disconnect and also reattach the WD My Passport Mac wakes up from sleep mode

And you need to unlock it via password though you have unmounted the WD My Passport software application from your Mac.

To deal with that Western Digital My Passport tough drives not working or unlock (only if you know the ideal password) after Big Sur upday, simply downfill, update, and install the latest WD Discoexceptionally Utilities for macOS 11 Big Sur.

If unfortunately,you can not remember the password, you deserve to only reformat the WD drive (My Passport for Mac) to make it occupational aobtain, at the cost of information loss.

Systems 4: Erase My Passport for Mac

If First Aid was unable to repair the errors in the WD My Passport, meaning the disk file device has been damaged, which is fairly common, then you need to settle the WD My Passport for Mac not showing up on Mac trouble by reformatting.

The situation is, reformatting will asauthorize a new file mechanism but will erase all your information on this drive too.

After respanning information from this drive with vivaworldcup.info Data Recoexceptionally for Mac, you deserve to currently courageously continue to erase your WD My Passport for Mac drive via no fuss.

1. Go to Disk Utility.2. Select the WD My Passport for Mac drive in the left sidebar.3. Click Erase on the height of the Disk Utility home window.4. Complete the indevelopment for your drive (such as brand-new format, partition plan, and so on) and also click Erase.

What to do if the WD My Passport drive is not recognized/detected?

If My Passport for Mac difficult drive is not showing up in Disk Utility at all, it implies the WD difficult drive is not recognized. Very more than likely, your My Passport for Mac might have some hardware problems. It"s better to send it to a local reparation facility.

Understanding why My Passport drive not showing up on Mac

Sometimes, an outside tough drive not showing up on Mac simply bereason the USB cable or the USB port on your Mac is negative. In addition, the following factors might also bring about WD My Passport for Mac not getting here or not functioning.

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Recent macOS update issueSystem failureVirus infectionMotherboard issueWD My Passport drive damages or corruption

Bonus Maintenance Tips for WD My Passport drives for Mac

Apparently, many tough drive not showing up problems are resulted in by unsafe ejection and also sudden power outrage. In order to maintain your WD My Passport for Mac in good condition, you should pay attention to:

Make certain that your WD My Passport does not come to be physically damaged.Always safely and also correctly eject the WD My Passport for Mac drive after making use of it.Don"t just unplug the USB cable, on the contrary, unmount your drive by right-clicking (control-click) on the symbol on the Desktop or in the Finder and pick Eject.Properly usage WD software application choose WD Drive Utilities, WD Backup software application ( to back up essential papers to your My Passport drive), and also WD Discoincredibly ( to organize and also share your records to the My Passport drive to backup your digital social life).

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