What kind of memory card does a ps vita take

If you have actually an un-modified Vita then no. You can only usage the specific Vita memory cards. You have the right to just usage the above if you have actually modified your Vita - somepoint I do not think we have the right to talk about on here Nope, the Vita uses proprietary memory cards. I"ve never before heard of modified Vita"s that have the right to take them, yet then aobtain, I do not pay attention to that kind of stuff.

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Fyi, simply talking about utilizing the vita the means it need to have been put up in the first area should be enabled. We aren"t talking about methods to unlock trophies through it. You bet your switch, I"ll be at the head of the line to crack my vita as soon as somebody numbers out how to obtain around the new firmware.


Ehh, I"ve never had actually a problem via the propriety memory cards. They"re expensive, yes, however the system itself was cheap which pretty a lot balanced that out. Say what you choose about them, but it did resolve a major difficulty via the PSP, and also that was piracy. Without them, we more than likely wouldn"t have actually been able to earn trophies on the Vita bereason it would have actually been too simple to cwarmth trophies. If I had to pick between SD cards and also trophies, I"d pick trophies eincredibly time.

Tright here will certainly always be cheaters. The psp was 100 times even more effective than the vita. Piracy didn"t hurt it, it made the mechanism grow. I"m a gamer, initially and also foremany. I do not offer a flying rat turd what somebody else desires to perform via their trophy profile. Why carry out you care so much?


By the by, the existing crack permits vita trophies to be popped by manipulation. In any type of case, since the leaderboards are riddled through human being that buy trophies and also trophy groups, those of us with a modicum of logic in our brains knows the lbs are worthmuch less. We"d fairly have the capability to have what liberty we desire on our systems.

That"s why PSP never got trophy assistance and also the PSP remasters on PS3 never gained it either. It would have been as well straightforward to cwarm them.

What perform you intend by PSP remasters? The PSP GoW games, MGS Peace Walker HD, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep HD... they all obtained trophies on PS3.

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That wouldn"t job-related physically regardless, the vita memory cards are tiny, around the same size as microsd so no method tbelow will be an adapter to vita size.

It does - if you have actually a hacked vita then you have the right to acquire an adapter that goes into the game card slot - it then provides that as the mem card - so you can usage cheap SD cards. But obviously it isn"t prevalent expertise and also isn"t motivated. You deserve to even use USB HDD through the PSTV now pre-loaded with games  

Yes thats true


Sony has actually planning trophies for PSP however finally did not implement them bereason the system couldn"t safeguard from piracy.

-Did the Memory Stick allow piracy?

-Yes, it made it really straightforward to carry papers to the PSP from a computer.The just reason why we have actually trophies on Vita is the PS Vita exclusive memory cards. I acquired a 16 GB card used for 15€ and also I simply delete games when I"ve finiburned them.

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It does - if you have a hacked vita then you can gain an adapter that goes right into the game card slot - it then supplies that as the mem card - so you can usage cheap SD cards. But obviously it isn"t prevalent understanding and isn"t urged. You have the right to also use USB HDD with the PSTV now pre-loaded via games


Yes, it was a lot more successful than Vita in terms of systems sold, however it wasn"t great for developers as soon as a big percentage of that install base weren"t actually buying their games, and instead pirating them. You deserve to find articles dating back to 2009 saying just how developers were all set to pull assistance for the platform. Such rampant piracy isn"t a good look for Sony. Vita might only have a little audience, yet at leastern they are actually buying games, and the majority of them.

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As for various other world cheating trophies, no, I don"t really treatment, however Sony do. That"s why PSP never obtained trophy assistance and the PSP remasters on PS3 never before gained it either. It would have actually been as well easy to cwarmth them. If Sony offered SD cards for Vita and also piracy was at equivalent levels to how it was on PSP, you deserve to bet your arse that Cross Buy for the mechanism wouldn"t really be a point either.