When i right click on desktop computer freezes

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Why file traveler or desktop computer come to be unresponsive as soon as i right-click my mouse

Those who use computers on the Windows operating device may face an unpleasant instance that deserve to virtually paralyze a full-fledged work. We are talking below around the instance as soon as you right-click your computer mouse the totality device freezes completely or it doesn’t freeze however runs extremely progressively. Such a difficulty might happen both inside Data Explorer and also on the Deskheight. In this article we are going to tell you exactly how to settle it.

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Table of contents:1. Why Windows freezes once you right-click your mouse2. What has to be done in situation device freezes after you right-clicked your mouse

Why home windows freezes once you right-click your mouse

In Windows operating system, by default, the right-click a mouse calls up the context menu. Depfinishing on where the user clicks the best mouse switch, tright here will certainly be available a various list of actions that he deserve to percreate.

This function is frequently enforced inside programs. But in this short article we will certainly talk about the instance as soon as device freezes after you right-click inside File Explorer or on the Deskheight, bereason the conmessage menus for these actions are nearly the same.

When you right-click on your mouse and the whole system freezes it is commonly because of one of the third-party programs that are mounted on your computer system. The program adds new lines to the context food selection that appears once you right-click your computer mouse, and if tbelow are difficulties with its procedure, it might cause freezing.

Important: In some cases, device may freeze after you right-click the computer mouse due to the conventional facets of the Microsoft context menu lines, for example, if documents were damaged in the time of an upgrade or installation.

What hregarding be done in case system freezes after you right-clicked your mouse

As provided above, third-party programs mounted on the computer system are the majority of often the factor for the totality system freeze. If the difficulty showed up after installing one of the applications, which adds a brand-new line to the context menu, first of all, to remove the problem, attempt deleting these applications, or try to disable integration right into the conmessage food selection in its settings.

Please note
Very frequently, applications do not have actually an alternative that would certainly enable them to be removed from the list of the conmessage menu, and also the user agrees to add the program tright here at the moment of its installation. In such a instance, you can rerelocate the application, and then install it aobtain, and during the installation, uninspect the item that makes it feasible to include a new line to the File Explorer.

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If you cannot remember what was the last application you had actually installed on your computer you can revolve to the recoextremely points. Rekeep the device to the closest obtainable date, and if it does not aid, then describe the older date.

In a instance wright here namong the over services have assisted to eliminate the problem, and your computer system continues to freeze once the context food selection appears after you right-click on the mouse, you may want to take into consideration utilizing a unique software application – ShellExView. This application deserve to be downloaded cost-free of charge from the official website of its developers.

After installing the ShellExView application, you should launch it. When you are inside the program, go to “Options” and click on “Hide / Show all Microsoft extensions”. Also click “Sjust how 32-little bit Covering extensions”.


After that, just those context food selection lines that are set up by third-party applications will remajor in the list. Here it will certainly be necessary to deactivate “suspicious” ones, or every one of them, and then activate them earlier one by one, in search of the one that causes freezing. To deactivate one or more entries, choose those and right-click, then pick “Disable schosen entries”.


Important note: After each activation or deactivation of an entry in ShellExwatch, it is necessary to restart the Documents Explorer or the totality computer system for the alters to take impact.

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Having detected (making use of the ShellExView applicaton) the regime that appears to be the difficulty initiator, rerelocate it from the computer system and attempt installing an extra recent variation of this application, if vital.