Why does discord log me out

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Many of the time ssuggest closing down Discord does not log you out of your account. Usually the application is collection to automatically boot up and also log you right into your account as soon as you start up your computer system, though this deserve to be disabled. In any case, have to you want to keep the application running yet log out of your account (possibly if you’re sharing your machine with a frifinish or household member via their very own Discord login) then listed below are the steps you’ll should perform so, whether you’re on an Android gadget, or a PC or Mac, or making use of a internet web browser.

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How To Log Out Of Discord On Windows COMPUTER / Log Out Of Discord On Mac / Log Out Of Discord In Your Internet Browser


The Discord logo resembles a purple/blue speech bubble with a white controller symbol inside it, and should be labelled “Discord” - this is what the shortreduced to open the programme looks prefer. On Windows 7, 10 or later on, you will certainly uncover it in the Windows food selection. If you are making use of Mac OSX, you will certainly find it in the Launchpad. Conversely if you have made a shortreduced symbol on your desktop as soon as you set up the app, you can click on this for either operating mechanism. If you use Discord by means of your web web browser, navigate to https://www.discordapp.com and also click Open Discord in your browser.


 The cog symbol should be beside your username at the bottom left of the screen. This will certainly open up the User Settings window.




The Discord logo resembles a purple/blue speech bubble with a white controller symbol inside it, and also must be labelled “Discord” - this is what the shortreduced to open up the programme looks choose.

The switch to accessibility the navigation food selection resembles three horizontal lines and also must be in the upper-left edge of your screen whilst logged into the Discord application.

An different strategy of opening the navigation food selection is to swipe ideal from the left side of the display screen.

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The cog icon button need to be situated in the lower-right corner of the display screen of your gadget. It will open up up the User Settings window.

The box and arrowhead symbol is situated alongside the 3 vertical dots in the top-best edge of the screen. Click on this and also hey presto - you’ve currently signed out of your account!

This has actually been our How-To Guide on how to log out of Discord. We hope this has provided you all the indevelopment you essential. If you have even more question or are simply interested in discovering more around Discord, please take a look at the various other articles from vivaworldcup.info spanning all points Discord connected.

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