Why does my xbox 360 controller keep disconnecting

For example, in Nazi Zombies (WoW), pushing the best cause disconnects it, however once in the pause menu, I deserve to abuse the controller as much as I prefer without it disconnecting. Is it just a game glitch or a more comprehensive problem through the 360 S? This sort of point happens in other games also (Fifa 14, Borderlands 2 and others). Is there a fix? Its making games unplayable.

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It might be because of the fact that pressing RT in WAW causes the controller to vibrate and also in the pausage food selection it doesn't. Try replacing your batteries or your battery load :)

The controller vibprices normally in other cases. Only once I push RT in zombies it disconnects.

The xbox controller variation of turning it off and back on is did you examine the batteries. So, did you check to make sure your batteries still have a charge?

I think your battery terminals are bent/deformed.

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So I supplied to revolve off my controller once watching something by briefly disconnecting the batteries; it was a lot much easier than holding the button and scrolling.

I had actually this very same difficulty (however not w/ those certain games). I established that the battery terminals were acquiring plastically deflected from overuse, and that those games which greatly relied on the triggers would sense that my controller was disconnected. I suspect their proximity to the battery cavity may jar your link loose as well, yet instantaneously.

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At first I believed that, however various other games work simply fine. If it was a controller concern, sudepend all games would certainly reason the controller to disconnect?

Do you have actually another controller you deserve to use? Okay the very same game and also perform the same switch push in the game and also watch if the controller disconnects. Maybe somepoint wrong electrically with the controller. Did anypoint get spilled on it?

Its the batteries, When ever before you try and carry out somepoint that requires the controller vibrating, it will shut off bereason tbelow isnt enough battery power to perform so.

A quick change of the batteries must assist :)

do you have one more consingle close to your XB1? If so, turn it entirely off at the wall socket and it have to stop the disrelationships. Its seems that various other consoles such as 360 (in my case) interfere with the xb1 connection


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