Why does my xbox 360 controller keep turning off

I have actually been having this problem lately wright here my controller will certainly simply turn off also through a completely charged battery load.
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Hi tright here,if this happens on a Xbox One consingle then attempt the following;

please attempt the hand-operated power cycle measures choose discussed on the following connect :http://assistance.xbox.com/en-us/xbox-one/console/power-cycle-console

Be certain to wait at leastern 60 and then disaffix from power and also wait another 120 seconds, reattach power and also power on again

If this happens on the Xbox 360, then try these steps:

Power console off, wait till the console is totally off (and quiet), disaffix power for at least 120 secs and then reconnect power and power the console on aget.

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Let us understand the results

what the kind of battery are you using? in a lot of of situations maybe it was just a negative connect of the battery, attempt to check this.

Maybe you have a rechargeable battery / charger kit for a lengthy time and shed in capacity. So I recommend buying a brand-new battery or charger kit. It"s a normal thing to carry out via every little thing that charges.

It functions while the battery is charging and also for a tiny while after however then it starts all over aacquire. I bought a brand new play and also charge kit reasoning that can be the issue however that didn"t occupational.

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If you bought a brand also new charge kit and also it didn"t work and the controller is still turning off, then it sounds like it might be the controller itself. Unfortunately, periodically they perform go out after a while. How lengthy have actually you had actually this particular controller? It"s tough to say because periodically they have troubles and also occasionally they may last for many type of years with no troubles, much prefer many type of other gadgets and electronic devices.

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My newest 360 controller that has actually a lot much less use than my worn out one does the exact same thing. I put my problem down to not using my 360 any more really. Though newly it seems OK ish.

Hello Sharkles,

Thanks for the updates. Just a quick question, is your consingle plugged into a power strip or ext. cord? This deserve to cause the concern you are having actually. Try plugging it directly right into a wall outlet and check out if it disconnects.



Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Method1:Move your controller closer to the console

Method 2:Relocation the batteries or recharge the battery packMethod 3:Power cycle your consoleMethod 4:Reattach your controllerMethod 5:Upday your controller firmwareMethod 6:Try another controller