Why does obs stop recording

This overview has every little thing you must understand on OBS recording. From just how to document webcams to the ideal recording settings for OBS, it’s covered 

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a totally free piece of software program that is designed for streaming and recording audio and also video sources on Mac or Windows. It is a lightweight yet functional tool that is vital for vloggers, live-streamers, filmmachines and also podcasters alike.

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The good point about OBS (various other than being free) is that it have the right to document from virtually any type of audio or video resource, internal or exterior. You deserve to usage OBS to record on screen video, and capture the computer's internal audio, or document video and sound from exterior webcams and microphones, and also you likely already recognize just how necessary a good microphone is for recording.


Why Should You Use OBS?

Tright here are numerous advantages of utilizing OBS to document. OBS lets you separately record multiple networks of audio at the same time, definition you have the right to capture multiple commentators, video conferences/zoom calls, and also in-game/on screen sound from one routine.

You have the right to likewise have actually multiple video sources on display at once, various webcams and video camera angles, screen captures and also static graphics and layer these to develop experienced looking videos. You deserve to configure the setup of the video sources as you wish, and instantly switch in between different layout presets.

OBS is also well incorporated with streaming platdevelops choose Twitch and YouTube so you have the right to conveniently broadactors live to your audience.

Discover exactly how to usage VST plugins in OBS right here.

How to usage OBS for recording

How to setup OBS for recording

Step 1: Install OBS

The initially step is, of course, to downfill and install OBS from their webwebsite.

Tip 2: Create a new scene and also add sources

First develop a brand-new scene, call it “My Scene 1”.


Each scene deserve to host its very own unique combicountry of resources. You can develop different scenes that you can switch in between for prompt layout or configuration changes. You could have actually one for a Webelectronic camera face cshed up, one via in-game display recording via a little picture-in-photo see of your webcam. Changing one scene won’t readjust one more.

Next off you desire to add your media sources, this will certainly depend on what you are trying to capture (webcam/mic/inner etc). For this overview let’s document our display screen.

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Click to add a source, here you deserve to choose which media resources to document. Explore the Add Source menu to see what various other media can be captured by OBS. 


You could desire to look in the Settings food selection to make more advanced transforms. In the settings you have the right to edit the recording format for both video and audio, through many advanced controllers over file types, file compression, video resolution, and streaming choices. 

Tip 3: Record

Now you are all set to record. All you need to carry out is click the “Start Recording” button at the bottom right, then click sheight once you’re finished. 

Before beginning your main recording, it’s constantly worth doing a brief test recording to inspect over first. There’s nopoint worse than thinking you’ve tape-recorded a great show, just to watch it back and realise it didn’t capture all the microphones, or some other tiny but damaging mistake. Record a one minute video where you test all the microphones and also video captures then play it earlier and also make sure that whatever is as required. 

How to Recording On Display Video With OBS

Select “Display Capture” from the Add Source popup.

Select the display screen you desire to capture (0 will be lapoptimal screen, 1 + will certainly be external monitors).

You need to currently check out the display capture appear in the video display window. You can redimension and also move any kind of media source on display screen. 


How To Record A Webvideo camera With OBS

To document from webcams, include a new source and select “Video Capture Device”. Press OK to produce a new gadget, then choose your webelectronic camera from the food selection. You deserve to also change picture resolution right here. You can redimension the home window for the webvideo camera recording. 

How to Record Internal Audio in OBS

If you want to record the inner audio of OBS, Add a New Source and also choose “Audio Output Capture”. Select the default tool, or whichever before output tool you are using. 

If you deserve to view the audio meters moving, yet can’t hear a sound, you can have to usage a monitoring mechanism, or a Multi-Output Audio Device. For Mac, you’ll must download Blackhole, go to the apple Audio MIDI Setup application, then create a new Multi-Output device that has blackhole and your primary speaker output. 

Select this gadget in the Audio Output Catch source in OBS. 

Check you are receiving audio signals in the metering of the audio mixer. Make sure the audio meters aren’t going right into the red or your signal will certainly be distorted and also sound low top quality. 

Now once you record, any sounds that would be coming out of your speakers will certainly be tape-recorded into your video, this is an excellent method of recording from video games, conference calls, browsers, applications and more.

How to Record Microphone Audio in OBS

To record external audio in OBS making use of a microphone, click to include a brand-new source, then select “Audio Input Capture”. Press OK to create a new input device, then pick the microphone you wish to record from the drop down food selection. 

A brand-new channel will show up in the audio mixer, usage these meters to mix the audio to the wanted level. 

The microphone audio will certainly be tape-recorded to the video file.

All audio resources will be summed right into a stereo audio track in the outputted video file. 

For even more advanced audio mixing, appropriate click the audio mixer and click “Cutting edge Audio Properties”. 


How to Pause Recording on OBS

Sometimes you might desire to pausage a recording without completely avoiding it. If you stop the recording, the software exports the video file. The benefit of making use of the pause attribute is that you have the right to suspfinish the recording to take breaks, rearselection windows or move sets roughly, without developing multiple documents. 

Click the pause button at the bottom right next to the “Start Recording” Button. It will currently say “REC: Paused” in the bottom appropriate condition bar.

When you are ready to proceed your recording, click the pausage button aget. OBS will resume recording, you will watch the recording time respond to start from where you left off. When you play earlier the video tbelow will be a seamless instant change once you paoffered.

Where carry out my OBS Recordings go?

OBS Automatically outputs to your Video folder in your major documents section. The quickest way to uncover this place is clicking (Documents > Sjust how Recordings). 

You deserve to quickly collection a tradition area for the taped papers to be saved to. Click Settings at the bottom ideal, then go to the “Output” tab, then “Recording” tab. From there form or paste the folder place in the “Recording Path” box, or click “Browse” to choose the folder. 

Now when you soptimal recording, the files are stored in that folder. Aobtain (File > Show Recordings) will open up the area.

If you cannot play the recording, based upon your chosen OBS recording format (MKV etc), you may have to Remux the format to a record form your computer system deserve to read (File > Remux Recording). Select the incompatible file and choose to remux to MP4 or MOV, as these are prevalent forms.

We have likewise compiled a few guides on helping you transform files into mp4 from the a lot of common formats:

Ready to document your audio through OBS?

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