Why does payday 2 take forever to update


If you have preloaded a game, as soon as you start to install it, you might enrespond to Steam unpacking sluggish issue. Of course, this concern may likewise occur in other instances. In this article, MiniTool Partition Wizard will certainly tell you what to do if you are stuck in this situation.

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Steam Unpacking Slow Issue

Many type of Steam individuals comordinary that they have actually encountered Steam unpacking slow worry. This concern mainly occurs in the complying with 2 cases:

Case 1. You have actually preloaded a game.

I downloaded the preload now it"s saying it"s going to take 2 hrs to unfill the game. Then, what was the allude of the preload? --- reddit.com

When the game is not yet accessible, Steam allows you to preload an encrypted version of the game that is inavailable till the release day. When the release day hits, if you purchase this game, you deserve to acquire a decryption file and also Steam starts to "unpack" (decrypt) the game records through the Steam client.


This is the Steam unpacking procedure that is visible to customers. Of course, there are some cases where Steam unpacking procedure can not be sensed by users, for example, once you downpack a game after its release, the unpacking process accompanies the download process. In this instance, the unpacking process is invisible.

But if your computer"s difficult drive is slow-moving while the network-related is quick, Steam will be additionally stuck in the unpacking state for a while after the downpack is finish.

Case 2. You upday a game.

I"ve been unpacking a 50.9 MB update for Payday 2 for 40+ minutes now and it"s virtually half way done. It appears prefer any type of game I update it takes a long time before I deserve to actually begin it. --- reddit.com

The Steam unpacking sluggish worry additionally occurs as soon as an upday is packed in a horrible way. This update is basically a small upday, however it decompresses a substantial file. As an outcome, the unpacking rate is slow and also you occasionally need to have actually 30GB cost-free to use a 200MB update.


Fix 1. Pausage Unfill or Restart Steam

There is no factor to explain this phenomenon, however some civilization report that they have actually fixed the Steam unpacking slow problem simply by pausing and also un-pausing the unpacking procedure. Some users likewise report that they resolved the problem just by exiting steam and also logging earlier in, or by restarting the Steam client.

Fix 2. Set Steam"s Priority to High

If you are running multiple programs at the same time, or you have many boot startup programs, this technique might aid you resolve the Steam unpacking slow worry. If you collection Steam"s priority to high, the mechanism will certainly alsituate more resources to Steam to enhance its running rate. Here is the guide:

Right-click on the empty area of the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu.Skip to DetailsFind the exe program, right-click on it and navigate to Set priority > High.



Fix 3. Delete Files in Depotcache Folder

Steam depotcache folder may save excess, short-term information on your computer that have the right to take up handy space. It might additionally store personal data such as passwords or browsing history in the registry or on the file system.

Some individuals report that they have solved the Steam unpacking slow-moving issue by deleting documents in the Steam depotcache folder. Here is the guide:

Close Steam.Go to path: C:Program Files (x86)Steamdepotcache. The route varies depending upon wright here your steam is installed in.Delete everything in the depotcache
Warning: DO NOT touch C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamapps or delete anypoint in this folder. That"s where the stuff you"ve been downloading is stored. It likewise includes some content from your other games. You probably wouldn"t desire to lose those.


Fix 4. Defrag HDD or Optimize SSD

If you use HDDs, you have to address file device fragmentation worry. How carry out file system fragmentations appear?

When you write information at the beginning, the data is normally stored to disk continuously. However, after composing and also deleting data commonly, these records are gradually scattered and stored in various areas on the whole disk, rather of being consistently stored in consecutive clusters of the disk. This is called file device fragmentation.

File device fragmentation issue will minimize the disk review and also create performance, and also then influence the performance of the operating system and software program. In this instance, you must defrag HDDs to improve the performance.

But if you usage SSDs, defragmentation is not suitable for you. Instead, you have to enable TRIM attribute to trigger GC (Garbage Collection) process. Fortunately, staring from Windows 8, HDD disk defragmentation feature and SSD TRIM function are integrated in one Windows built-in tool called Optimize Drives.

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This tool will detect and also identify whether the drive is HDD or SSD and then it will run disk defragmentation for HDDs and also run TRIM for SSDs. Here is the guide on exactly how to run Optimize Drives tool:

Go into "optimize" in the Windows search box.Click the Defragment and also Optimize Drivesicon to run it.Choose a disk and also click the Optimize



Fix 5. Make Sure Enough Free Space

A Steam user says on forums that "For those who have an SSD, make sure you have at leastern 30GB of totally free space on your drive or unpacking will be exceptionally slow." Then, many human being report that they have actually addressed the Steam unpacking slow-moving issue through this technique. I think this strategy also functions to HDDs.

To make the unpacking process go smoothly, you have to make sure the drive where Steam is mounted in has enough complimentary space. To perform that, you can delete some unessential files. But if you do not want to delete records and tbelow is sufficient free area on various other drives, you deserve to fix the difficulty by extfinishing the drive wbelow Steam is set up in.

Then, MiniTool Partition Wizard deserve to help you extfinish a drive easily. In addition, this attribute is cost-free. Here is the guide:

Free Download

Tip 1: Free download MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch it. Go to its primary interconfront and also right-click the drive wbelow Steam is mounted in. Then, choose Extend from the context menu.


Step 2: Choose the drive or unalsituated room you want to take room from and drag the sliding block to determine how much complimentary room you desire to take. Then, click OK switch.


Tip 3: Click Apply switch to execute pfinishing operations.



Fix 6. Check Drive for Errors

Windows integrated Error checking tool can resolve file device corruption and also logical negative sectors that might prevent your PC from running generally. Here is the overview to Error checking:

Open Documents Explorer.Right-click the drive where Steam is installed in and choose Properties.Navigate to Toolstab and also click Check

If the above approach doesn"t settle the Steam unpacking slow-moving issue, I recommfinish you to usage MiniDevice Partition Wizard Free Edition to check how many type of poor sectors are on the drive. Here is the guide:

Free downpack and also launch MiniTool Partition Wizard.Right-click a drive or a disk and also pick Surface Test.Click Start Now Environment-friendly blocks are excellent blocks and red blocks are negative blocks. If there are as well many type of red blocks, you must think about replacing tough drive.



To upgrade HDD to SSD, you might need a tough drive clone regimen to clone all content or just the OS from the HDD to the SSD. Then, MiniTool Partition Wizard have the right to additionally aid you in this facet. Here is the tutorial:

Free Download

Step 1: Connect the SSD to the computer USB port by means of a connector adapter. Install MiniDevice Partition Wizard and open this software. Go to its major interconfront and click on Migrate OS to SSD/HDD in the activity panel (the over attach is a Trial Edition, and also the OS migration attribute is not free).


Step 2: Choose the best method to migrate the mechanism disk and also click Next. Option A permits you to clone the totality device disk, while choice B only enables you to move the OS.


Step 3: Choose the new drive as the location disk and also then click Next.


Step 4: Resee changes and also click Next button. In this step, you have the right to save default settings. But if the old disk is a MBR disk and also you desire to usage GPT style in the brand-new disk, you deserve to check the box before Use GUID partition table for the taracquire disk.


Step 5: Read a note on how to boot from the location disk and the click Finish button. Then, click the Apply switch to execute pfinishing operations.

Step 6: Disconnect the SSD from the USB port and also then disassemble the computer system to install the SSD. As for the tough drive installation guide, you have the right to describe this post: How to Install a 2nd Hard Drive in Your Lappeak and also Deskoptimal COMPUTER.

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Here is short article listing 7 remedies to fix Steam unpacking slow-moving worry. You have the right to attempt them one by one.Click to tweet

Bottom Line

Is this short article helpful to you? Do these techniques work-related for you? Do you have actually various other methods to fix the Steam unpacking issue? Do you have challenge in performing the over methods? Please leave a comment below or email at . We will certainly get ago to you as shortly as possible.