Why is alienware so expensive

In the gaming industry, portability is constantly a go-to alternative. We constantly wanted the capability to play our games also if we are away for a trip, which is why this particular day some suppliers started production gaming smartphones.

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But for some avid gamers, a smartphone simply won’t perform, we instead want the functionality a gaming desktop PC hregarding sell.


The capability to give regulates with our computer mouse and also key-board and also be able to check out the virtual human being on a bigger screen is what provides us the most pleasure, and also this is where a gaming lapheight comes in.

Gaming laptops are a viable option if you consider performance and portcapacity at the very same time. Aside from that, it is also extremely convenient to usage as you can usage it almost all over you desire.

You deserve to usage it on your bed if you don’t feel favor gaining up. You have the right to additionally usage it in coffee shops and play your games while enjoying the environment exterior of your home. But via all these benefits a gaming laptop hregarding offer, it also comes through a price.

So why are gaming laptop computers so expensive? Manufacturing a gaming lapheight often tends to price even more than desktop PCs as it must be designed tiny enough to fit the dimension of a continual lappeak without having to sacrifice a lot performance. That job calls for more work and innovative designs, therefore the greater cost.

But tright here are several factors why gaming laptops are expensive. So in this post, we will talk about the a lot of vital points on why they are expensive compared to desktop PCs with the very same specs.


So Why are Gaming Laptops So Expensive Next to Everyday Computers?Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Gaming Lapoptimal and How Does it Differ from a Regular Laptop?

Before we will go down to various factors on why gaming laptop computers are expensive, let us specify first what these laptops are and also identify from a consistent laptop.

Basically, a gaming laptop is simply favor your continuous lapheight yet contains more raw power. This is because all the hardware inside these laptop computers are expected for one task, playing games, which a continual lapheight isn’t capable of.

Other than playing games, these laptop computers are additionally capable of handling hefty job-related tasks such as video manufacturing, graphics design, programming, and even more.

Although you can run some games on a consistent lapheight, you will certainly alert some quality and heating issues, an indication that a constant lapoptimal isn’t designed for that particular project.

Forcing a continual laptop to perdevelop beyond its capability might cause some minor concerns such as overheating, which might cause a shortened lifespan.

So Why are Gaming Laptops So Expensive Next to Everyday Computers?

So why are gaming laptops even more expensive than desktops and also non-gaming laptops? We have determined on the main 6 reasons for what drives the prices up which you have the right to find below.

In our opinion, they are not overpriced, the extra price is justified as these devices are more effective and also condensed right into such a small room.

1. Manufacturing Process

As with I declared earlier, the manufacturing process is one of the primary factors why gaming laptop computers are more expensive.

Unchoose desktop Computers, laptop manufacturers need to design their components to be compatible through all the various other parts. In this process, engineers need to architecture each component as necessary and also intend that it should have the ability to perdevelop properly despite its dimension, and also that calls for the majority of job-related.

Imagine having the dimension of a tower PC shrunk into the size of a regular lappeak. The dimension of a power supply and also the graphics card alone would take up all the room in a lapoptimal instance, and also that’s forobtaining the rest of the components. Sounds impossible, right?

Aside from that, some laptop components are designed to work through a certain form of hardware just.


Even some motherboards have actually an embedded CPU and GPU attached to it, which isn’t the situation for desktop Computers. In a desktop computer PC, you deserve to remove any component that you want and also install it to one more computer, gave that it has the very same socket, slot, or if it is compatible through each various other.

Just take the AMD Ryzen CPUs for instance. These CPUs are designed to job-related on every motherboard through various chipsets and also various brands, offered that it has the same AM4 sockets.

In this situation, AMD will certainly only focus on the manufacturing of their CPUs, since tbelow are various other suppliers that will certainly architecture and also create the motherboards solely for their CPU.

2. Branding

You have the right to develop a desktop COMPUTER from scrape out of various parts from various brands. However, that is not the situation for gaming laptop computers.

Most of the companies have constructed the reputation of their brands and are currently able to put premium prices on these commodities.


A good example of this is the Asus’ top-of-the-line Republic of Gamers laptops. When you buy this type of lappeak, you are not only buying the product itself yet likewise the brand that came with it.

In this case, you are guaranteed that the product is among one of the finest in terms of quality.

Aside from that, each gaming lappeak manufacturer also uses attributes that are distinct to their brand also. But you need to constantly keep in mind that a premium product constantly comes through an expensive price.

3. Cooling / Thermal Solutions

Another suggest that we are going to discuss that provides it more expensive, is the cooling or thermal options of gaming laptops.

Due to the fact that laptops are substantially smaller compared to desktop PCs, airflow is limited so it have the right to reason some overheating worries.

This is constantly a worry for gamers. We all want the best performance out of our gaming laptop computers without frying the parts.

And since the temperature is a large element in many laptop computers, each component, especially the CPU and GPU, are designed to throttle automatically when it reaches the maximum temperature allowed.

This means that these components will automatically reduced dvery own its performance to cool dvery own and also keep its life expectancy.

Because gaming laptop computers percreate much faster than continuous laptop computers, it additionally consumes more power and therefore produces more heat. Which is why this day, cooling or thermal services is currently one of the primary features that each company offers.

Each brand also has actually its own uniquely designed cooling options to allow efficient aircirculation and also maximum performance among its assets.

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Linus as soon as sassist that a faster computer that throttles is not much faster than a sreduced computer system that does not throttle. So always invest in a lapheight that has great thermal services.

4. Battery

In the previous area, we discussed exactly how on average gaming laptop computers call for more power to percreate. This suggests that it will also call for even more battery capacity so you deserve to usage it to play games for hours.

You carry out not want to game for a short duration of time and unexpectedly your lapoptimal shuts off bereason your battery runs out.

This is the factor why an excellent battery is an important aspect once selecting a laptop. But bereason of its big battery capacity, some gaming laptop computers may take longer to completely charge.

Gaming laptop computers manufacturers must ensure that the battery life of their commodities can manage more than a couple of minutes of games prior to needing a charge. The capacity of these batteries is higher compared to the batteries of a regular lapheight that provides minimal power.

The added expense of production this bigger battery isn’t free, so the extra cost is added to the premium price tag of the lapheight.

5. Solid-State Drives

Many laptop computers this particular day are likewise designed to accommodate solid-state drives. Even many continuous laptop computers come via solid-state drives.

These drives have the right to review and also create information faster than the conventional difficult drives however are more expensive.


Plus a faster drive is currently a necessity particularly to hard-core gamers and content creators.

So if you purchase a lapoptimal that has actually a pre-set up solid-state drive, particularly a higher capacity drive, suppose it to be more expensive.

6. Customized Peripherals and Accessories

Customized peripherals and also accessories a gamers deluxe. It could not be totally necessary, however it is a nice touch that happens to be renowned.

Plus the added attributes and also functions discovered in customized peripherals and also accessories might come in handy.

If you are going to look for a gaming lapheight in the market today, practically 100% of the time, you will certainly come throughout a product that has customized peripherals and accessories, a lot of particularly the keyboard.


With the rising popularity of RGB and also mechanical key-boards, the majority of gaming lapoptimal manufacturers are also starting to incorporate them right into their products.

Some companies are also collaborating in giving a top-top quality product to consumers. As with just how Steelseries offers a tradition gaming key-board especially designed for some MSI gaming laptop computers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Gaming Lapoptimal Better Than a Common Laptop?

A gaming lappeak vs a normal laptop is a one-sided battle. A normal lappeak is means behind a gaming lappeak in all areas, such as features, features, and also raw power. The distinction between them is considerable.

Gaming laptop computers are created of components that are designed to provide even more power than a normal laptop. On the various other hand, a normal lapoptimal is designed for low-power useras, such as office work, surfing the net, and educational use.

Is a Gaming Lapoptimal a Good Investment?

Both yes and no. While it is taken into consideration a good investment, it is also not intended for everyone since they are more expensive compared to regular laptops and also gaming desktop PCs.

If you take a trip a lot, investing in a great lapoptimal to game on is highly recommfinished given that this is wbelow portcapability would certainly concerned excellent use. But if you are at residence a lot, you can want to think about a desktop version rather.

Not only will it expense you much less, yet they are also even more effective compared to a gaming lapheight primarily.

Are Gaming Laptops Good for Working On?

Quick answer: Yes. Because the majority of content-development software application and some productivity tools require excellent computing power, a powerful mechanism is vital, which renders gaming laptops a viable choice.

Although you don’t mainly need a gaming lapoptimal for efficiency software, it is extremely recommended for content-creation, specifically those in the graphics design and also video market.

Are Gaming Laptops Good for Everyday Use?

Yes, considering that they have the right to be provided in various ways bereason of its versatility, be it, internet looking or viewing YouTube videos, and so on. Gaming laptop computers are incredibly a lot qualified of these attributes and deserve to carry out the project seamlessly.

However, if you are only making use of it for those kinds of activities, you are better off with a regular lapoptimal since it is cheaper and also have the right to still obtain the job done.

Do Gaming Laptops Last Long?

Yes, but only if your computer system has an excellent Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). Because the majority of AAA titles today are even more dependent on the GPU quite than the CPU, it is recommended to invest in a lapheight that has actually a good GPU. The much better the GPU the more expensive it becomes.


You cannot upgrade these laptops so it is best to pick a unit that has a great GPU for future-proofing functions, provided that it would certainly still suit your budgain.

Many gamers consider the GPU as their peak priority when it comes to choosing a gaming lapheight.

I’ve watched the majority of i5 and also i7 CPU gaming laptops in the industry now paired through a joke GPU, commonly a GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1650, which doesn’t make sense.

These specific types of GPUs are so weak. If you want your lapheight to last much longer than a year or so, you must gain at leastern a GTX 1660, or even much better, an RTX GPU.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and also currently understand also why gaming laptop computers are so expensive.

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If you have actually or are reasoning about spending a good deal of money on a laptop to game on, you have to read our just how to optimize a lapoptimal for gaming short article, to aid obtain the max out of it.