Win32 disk imager not enough space

Downpack Win32DiskImager from the Raspberry PiDownlots Pageor from

Insert your SD Card and also then run Win32DiskImager.exe. It might offer an error message on startup, however you deserve to often overlook it. It have to find your SD Card drive or if not select it. Select the file '#.img' picture file you wish to use and also then press write. Once it completes you are prepared to go, insert your SD card into the Raspberry Pi.

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Writing Your Own Custom SD Card Setup To A File

Run Win32DiskImager.exe

Ensure the Device drop down box has the drive your card is inserted into.

Press the folder switch and select the folder and filename you want to usage to compose your photo file to.

Press the Read button.

Example Instructions To Email To Someone

Here's the instructions to install your SD card all set for the Raspberry Pi.

1. Download and also install Win32 Disk Imager from this link:

Unzip it.

2. Download the complying with file to a computer system with at least >>GB of free disk area.

Unzip it (this may take a while as its a big file to match the dimension of the SD card)

3. Plug the SD card into a SD card slot or adaptor for your COMPUTER.

4. Run the unzipped Win32DiskImager.exe application (may simply be displayed as Win32DiskImager depending upon your home windows settings)

Ensure the correct driver letter is selected for the SD card – double examine this is right in Windows Explorer as Win32DiskImagerwillovercreate the entiredrive without warning if the wrong drive is selected!

Select the unzipped >>.img file

Press Write and also wait for the routine to write the operating mechanism onto the SD card.

5. Once the composing is done plug the SD card into the Raspberry Piand power it up.

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"Not sufficient area on disk" error

You produced an image file from a 8GB SD card and when you attempt and create it to a brand-new 8GB SD card you acquire this message. Yep, SD cards are not constantly similar in dimension and also Win32 Disk Imager currently has actually no way to settle this.

For example:


Image file: 15564800 sectors x 512 bytes per sector = 7,969,177,600 bytes

SD card: 15523840 sectors x 512 bytes per sector = 7,948,206,080 bytes

So we have to limit the space offered on the card to fit within the number of sectors available. If you desire pick a smaller dimension to offer you an little of unsupplied space for perhaps smaller future cards.

Then follow the guide right here.

alfmagne at

5 years ago

Win32DiskImager does not job-related on Windows10…

Tim Van Kaathrange at

5 years ago

I have actually likewise the trouble that it doesnt job-related on home windows 10. In home windows 7 it worked fine. Tried using a usb adapter instead of the interior sd card slot. Writing seems to go fine (e.g. The typical 6.0.0 secure version), however as quickly as I produce an image from an sd the card seems to be corrupted.

Carl Forrester at

5 years ago

Hi all, I’m trying to downpack the Win32DiskImager from souceforge, is it normal, ie. can I ignore that Ahuge is blocking the downfill bereason of this threat;FileRepMalware?

Tobin Davis at

4 years ago

I released 1.0 last night, and would appreciate any type of comments/suggestions you might have actually. Just a few points to answer comments I watch here:

This is tested on Windows 7/8.1/10. I am not seeing any type of issues on these Windows versions anyeven more. v0.9.5 had actually a bug in the installation staying clear of some Windows 10 individuals from installing/running. AFAIK, this is now addressed.

On saving a photo from an SD to share, I indicate following these steps:First, minimize the partitions to smaller sized than the tool, leaving at leastern a 1M buffer at the end of the drive.Next, in Win32DiskImager v1.0, check package marked Read Only Allocated Partitions.Share your image virtual.

Users can redimension to fill their gadgets after that.

As to Alarge AV, I can’t tell you what to execute. I CAN tell you that I have tested against McAfee, ClamAV, and also BitDefender. There are online sites that do extra scans. As lengthy as you downfill it from SourceForge, you need to be ok (they carry out NOT have permission to readjust my installer, and I preserve a understand copy of checksums for verification).

I am researching file compression approaches that will certainly permit picture creators to geneprice a compressed photo for upfill. Keep your eyes on the SourceForge site for updays.

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Aacquire, thanks for using my tool, and also thanks for the feedback.

Woody Stanford at

4 years ago

Is it Win 10 64-bit? Had the exact same difficulty on mine. Analyzing DotNet Disk Imager instead. Works on my Win 10 tablet though.