Windows 10 50 disk usage

I formated and also installed Windows 10 like 2 times and also its always the very same stuck at 50% . Disk performance at 100%

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Hi Haim, i"m Peter an independent advisor, does it blue screen? Perhaps some of the files on the installation media are corrupt. If you can usage media development devices on one more system to reproduce a brand-new installation disk/usb stick then attempt aobtain

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Hi Haim My name is Andre Da Costa; an Independent Consultant, Windows Insider MVP and also Windows & Devices for IT MVP. I"m here to help you with your trouble.We have actually been noticing this trend via high CPU after a fresh install. Generally, Windows Defender is the culprit, in addition, Windows 10 Update applying updates and prefer Defender interpretations. Sometimes, simply giving it a couple of days to a week, it will certainly eventually clear up dvery own - this has worked in most situations. So, please think about that initially. I would first inspect Windows Update and make sure any type of pfinishing cumulative updates are actually being set up succesfully. Go to Start -> Setups -> Upday & protection, then Check for updates and install any type of available updays.Try disabling Hardware Acceleration in programs such as Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also Outlook). You can perform this by launching each application.Click Documents > Options > State-of-the-art > Scroll dvery own to "Display" then Check Disable hardware graphics acceleration Click OKRebegin your computer system.Do this for various other applications you might have set up such as Google Chrome and also Edge. In Edge:In Edge, launch this webwebsite. and click the Test Flash Player button.Right-click on the picture listed below the Test Flash Player switch, and then select Settings.Uncheck Enable hardware acceleration, and then click Close.In Chrome:Open Google Chrome, and also click Customize and Control Google Chrome > Settings > Sexactly how advanced settings. In the System area, unexamine package beside Use hardware acceleration when easily accessible, and also restart Google ChromeOther points you have the right to likewise inspect include:Look for blank symbols on the desktop and delete them.Open Documents ExplorerOpen This PCRight click your neighborhood drive wbelow Windows 10 is install (you will certainly watch the Windows logo on it)Click PropertiesClick the Hardware tabWhat is the name of the drive listed?Is it an SSD?If it is, you might must upday the firmware.Open Start > Settings > Privacy > Background appsDisable all Background apps.Disabling Windows Update:Press Windows vital + RType: services.mscHit EnterScroll dvery own to Windows UpdateSelect it then ideal click itClick PropertiesUnder the General tab, pick Startup form to DisabledClick StopClick Apply then OKAlso, check whats beginning up through Windows.Press Windows crucial + XClick Task ManagerClick Startup tabDisable all except Windows Defender.------------------------------------------------------------------Press Windows essential + RType: msconfigHit EnterGo to the solutions tabCheck package, hide all servicesDisable the continuing to be servicesClick Apply then OKRebegin if prompted-----------------------------------------------------------------------Open Start, type: difficulty reportsHit EnterDelete any kind of failed or pfinishing reports.Go to Start > Settings > System > Notifications and also actions > Turn off "Sjust how me tips around Windows."If you have actually Chrome mounted, uninstall then reinstall it. Open Start, type: CMDRight click CMDClick Run as administratorType: powercfg -restoredefaultschemesHit EnterExit Press Windows vital + XClick Power OptionsClick Further power settingsClick Change plan settings -> readjust progressed power settings > processor power administration -> processor idle disable -> Enable idle.Create an totally new account and delete the present one.https://www.groovyshort——————————————————————Disable TelemetryClick Start > Settings > Privacy > Feedearlier and diagnostics. Set it to standard Click Start Type: regedit Right click regedit Click Run as administrator Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesvivaworldcup.infoWindowsDataCollection. Right click and also develop a DWORD value called AllowTelemeattempt then set 0Press Windows key + RType gpedit.msc then hit EnterExpand Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows ComponentsIn the Windows Components dialog, uncover and also right-click Documents Collection and Pevaluation BuildsThen double-click Allow Telemetry in the best paneChoose Disabled and select 3-Full from the drop-down food selection.Then click OK to conserve settingsClick Apply and also ok > reboot computer