Windows 10 bitdefender error on shutdown

Do you view a generally appearing error message BitDefender Threat Scanner on your Windows 10 PC? The concern states the presence of a Threat Scanner.dmp file in your Temp folder. In the majority of instances, this dmp file is completely unreadable in Notepad. Also, if you don’t close the pop up, then your PC restarts forcibly after a while.

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BitDefender Threat Scanner error occurs irrespective of the instances you have actually set up this antivirus or not in your Windows 10 COMPUTER. After installing the current update of the solution, some customers challenge this difficulty. However, many users are out tbelow who don’t usage BitDefender at all yet still find error pop up.


Step 4 – After downloading the file, copy it and take a trip to Spybot – Search & Destroy 2 folder (for entire course, check out Tip 1). Paste the SDAV.dll file in the folder.

Step 5 – In situation, the SDAV.dll file is currently existing in the folder, then verify its size. If its size is not 32KB, you have to rearea it immediately as it gained corrupted.

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Note – To confirm the dimension, right-click on SDAV.dll and click Properties. Here, you can review its dimension.

Step 6 – So, to relocation it repeat Tip 3 and 4 and also paste the brand-new file. While pasting it, you may come throughout Rearea or Skip files dialog on the COMPUTER display screen. Moving ahead, click the initially one, “Relocation the file in the destination“.

Once you efficiently substitute the damaged Spybot’s file, the BitDefender Threat Scanner error note must not show up.

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Hopetotally, any of the above three remedies will aid you to bypass this strange BitDefender Threat Scanner error in Windows 10 OS. The error seems to be a little annoying specifically for those who are not making use of BitDefender. However, if you are mindful of even more solutions that can get over this BitDefender error, do compose them to us.