Windows 10 could not configure one or more system components


If you get the error message that Windows could not connumber one or even more system components on your Windows COMPUTER, this short article will certainly be of excellent help for you. MiniDevice prepares 5 remedies in this post to aid you successfully remove this error.

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The error message “Windows might not connumber one or even more device components” can show up once you try to upday your COMPUTER to the latest accessible build of Windows.

You might wonder why this error occurs. Tright here are some potential factors for this error detailed below:

The tricks used to encrypt the configuration keep for the AES Provider are faulty or absent.The wireless vehicle drivers (or drivers in general) are old and also outdated.

When the error occurs, you will acquire the full error message which goes like the adhering to screenshot. It prompts you to rebegin your computer system and then restart the Windows installation.



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However, many human being comsimple that the error cannot be removed despite they have actually perdeveloped rebeginning. If you encounter the same trouble, just collection your heart at rest as tright here are 5 reliable reservices ready for you. Let’s view the comprehensive steps.

Fix 1: Delete Certain Files

If the keys used by IIS to encrypt the configuration keep for the AES Provider are corrupted or missing, you will certainly fail to install or upgrade Windows and also obtain the error stated over.

To settle the difficulty in this situation, you have to delete specific files under MachineKeys folder which is covert on your computer system.

Tip 1: Press Windows key + E shortreduced to open your File Explorer. Then, switch to View tab and also check Hidden items alternative in the Show/hide section.


Step 2: Then, you should open your C drive and also navigate to the complying with location: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys.

Step 3: Click the MachineKeys folder to open up it. You will certainly view some documents whose names begin with a sequence of numbers and letters and also end via the GUID of your machine. The GUID is various for each user.


Tip 4: Delete these documents. This will not carry damperiods to your mechanism, as they will be reproduced once you upday or install Windows. In this method, Windows could not connumber mechanism components error have to be gone.

Fix 2: Use the Media Creation Tool

Alternatively, you deserve to attempt using Windows Media Creation Tool to remove this error.

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After downloading and install this tool from Microsoft’s official webwebsite, you are allowed to upgrade your computer utilizing this tool. To execute that, you deserve to refer to the post: A Complete Guide to Windows 10 Media Creation Tool: How to Use. According to the step-by-step tutorial through screenshots, you can conveniently upgrade your COMPUTER.

After that, the error pointed out above should no longer show up.

Fix 3: Uninstall Your Old Wi-Fi Drivers and also Upday Others

Your old and outdated drives are likewise a reason for this error. Sometimes you have the right to resolve it by uninstalling your old Wi-Fi drivers, and you must upday all your chauffeurs in some instances.

Step 1: Press Windows +R to open up Run dialog. Type in devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK to run Device Manager.

Tip 2: Locate your old wiremuch less adapter driver under Netoccupational adapters. Right-click it and also select Uninstall device from the conmessage menu. Then, click Uninstall in the pop-up home window.


Tip 3: As for the other motorists you need to update, just right-click them and pick Update driver. The schosen drivers will be updated automatically.

After completing the operation, just run the Windows upgrade or installation again to watch whether the error is rerelocated.

Fix 4: Disable IIS

As the Web Information Services (IIS) deserve to lead to “home windows might not connumber one or even more device components”, you should think about disabling it if you are not making use of it.

To execute that, you have to navigate to Programs on the Control Panel home window -> Programs and also Features and click Turn Windows functions on or off from the left pane. When you obtain the pop-up window, situate Web Indevelopment Services and unexamine it. Then, click OK to confirm this operation.


Fix 5: Rerelocate Your SD Card

It appears favor an odd approach to rerelocate your SD card. But plenty of Windows users reported that they have actually resolved the error by disconnecting the SD card from their computer system. You have the right to have a try. After you install or upgrade Windows properly, you have the right to connect it to your computer system aobtain.

Hope you have the right to settle “Windows might not configure one or more device component” with the approaches introduced above. Also, wish you can install or upgrade Windows without any problem.



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