Windows 10 creators update blue screen

Blue screen or the BSoD error annoys the customers once aobtain after the latest Windows update. Recently, many customers have reported their endure of the blue screen after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:

"Literally just blue screened after opening a video clip and turning the sound up. This FCU update is a disaster.""When updating to the Fall Creators Update I get a BSOD once it is in the procedure of installing.""I"ve mounted the Fall Creators Update recently and my Surconfront Book keeps getting blue display screens prefer crazy.""Just had my initially random blue display on my computer given that it was developed around a year back. 1709 fall update.""When Windows gets to around 40% it will certainly BSOD. This has actually taken place 4 times currently and I constantly acquire the blue screen error: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA."

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (v1709), choose its predecessors, brings tons of massive headaches as always that sheight the individuals from everyday office job-related, video watching, gaming, and so on We"ve gave workable services for some problems individuals met after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, such as tips to resolve black display screen problem, 100% disk intake trouble, error code 43 of hardware gadget, and so on. And now we"ll show you exactly how to deal with blue display error on your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

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Note: If you are stuck in the blue display loop or your COMPUTER cannot boot generally, you can attempt booting into the Safe Mode to accessibility the computer system and resolve the blue display screen issue:

Step 1. Press and organize the power button for a number of seconds to interrupt the boot.

Tip 2. Turn it on. Do Tip 1 twice and also on the following attempt, you"ll have the Recovery screen.

Tip 3. Click the State-of-the-art repair options >Troubleshoot >Cutting edge options >Windows Startup Settings >Restart.

Tip 4. Hit the F4/F5 crucial to Go into Safe Setting (with Networking).

If you have the right to log in Windows 10 commonly, then check and troubleshoot of the blue screen via the methods below:

Solutions to Fix the Blue Screen on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Many type of components can provoke the blue display screen crash on Windows 10, prefer corrupted system records, graphics driver crash after the upday, regime problems, virus or malware, and so on Also, Blue Screen of Death error often occurs after the vital Windows update or just after the Patch Tuesday. Some may regularly be in the Windows blue screen trap during their everyday computer. To get the blue display bug solved, you have the right to try the workarounds one by one until you find the appropriate solution.

Way 1. Run Command to Repair Corrupted System Files that Trigger the Blue Screen Error

Run SFC /SCANNOW Command also on Windows 10

Tip 1. Go into cmd right into the taskbar search box.

Step 2. Right-click the Command Prompt and also pick Run as administrator.


Tip 3. After you launch the Command Prompt, kind the command: sfc /scannow


Tip 4. If whatever is fine, you’ll have actually “Windows Resource Protection did not uncover any type of integrity violations.” But if you obtain “Windows Resource Protection discovered corrupt documents however was unable to settle some of them”, you have to run DISM command also.


Run DISM Command also to Fix the Windows 10 Blue Display Issue

Step 1. Launch Command Prompt (Admin).

Tip 2. Get in the command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


Tip 3. Wait until the procedure finishes. Then restart the computer system to run SFC/SCANNOW command also aobtain to solve the blue screen of death bug.

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Way 2. Try Windows 10 Troubleshooter to Solve Blue Screen of Death

Due to the fact that the April Windows 10 Creators Upday, Microsoft supplies a quick tool to troubleshoot the common mechanism or hardware gadget error in Windows Setups. You can additionally go to the Troubleshooter to acquire the blue display glitch fixed on your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update computer:

Step 1. Use Windows shortcut keysVictory + I to open up Settings.

Step 2. Go to Update & security menu.


Step 3. On the left side, choose the Troubleshoot tab.

Tip 4. On the best side, scroll dvery own and also highlight the Blue screen item under the Find and deal with various other problems.

Step 5.

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Click the Run the troubleshooter switch.


Then wait for the Windows 10 detecting and also follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the blue screen error on your Windows 10 Fall Creators Upday.

Way 3. Upday Display/Graphics/ Video Drivers Compatible via Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

One of the culprits to trigger the blue screen of death error is the incompatible display or graphics driver. After the Windows 10 Fall Creators Upday, the screen driver you"ve mounted for the last Windows variation may not be compatible through the new OS. Also, vehicle drivers may acquire damaged in the time of the upday. All of the over will certainly reason the blue display screen problem as well as various other screen problems, prefer gorganize touch display difficulty, distorted screen difficulty, display flickering worry, etc.

In this instance, you should update or reinstall the graphics driver update. We recommend you use Driver Talent, a one-click driver trouble troubleshooter, to downpack and also install the best-matched display/graphics/ video drivers. You can obtain appropriate chauffeurs for you HP, Asus, Microsoft Surconfront, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Samsung, etc. by means of the switch below.

Download Now

Only 3 procedures to deal with the BSoD problem:

Tip 1. Open Driver Talent and also click the Scan switch to detect the problematic display screen driver on your computer.

Tip 2. Click the Repair or Update switch to download and install the graphics driver compatible through Windows 10 Fall Creators Upday.


Step 3. Perform a restart to make the driver alters take impact.

Note: It"s better to reinstall display screen driver in the Safe Mode. And prior to any kind of mechanism changes, make sure you"ve backed up all the drivers in situation various other mechanism concerns occur.

Way 4. Roll Back to the Previous Windows 10 Versions without Blue Display Bug

Go earlier to the secure Windows 10 versions or restore the mechanism is a quick method to remove the blue display bug. This method is suitable for such computer systems that hardly ever gain stuck the blue screen prior to.

Step 1. Open Settings on your Windows 10.

Tip 2. Go to the Update & security menu.

Tip 3. Choose the Recovery tab on the left side.

Tip 4. On the ideal side, scroll dvery own and click the Get started button under the Go ago to the previous version of Windows 10.


Way 5. Check and Repair Memory Chip and Hard Drive Error to Sheight BSoD

Faulty memory or tough drive state have the right to likewise bring about the blue display screen error. So inspect whether tbelow are problems via the memory chip or hard drive.

Step 1. Use shortcut tricks Win + R to open Run.

Step 2. Enter mdsched.exe right into the box.


Tip 3. Click the OK switch to launch Windows Memory Diagnostic.

Tip 4. Click the Rebegin now and check for problems option.


Tip 5. Check the scanning result to check out if tbelow are errors. If so, follow the idea to repair them.

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To shave the right to the hard drive error, see: How to Use CHKDSK Command also to Check Disk Error in Windows

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That"s it. Hope this short article can be a reference for you to resolve the blue screen of fatality error after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. For more services to troubleshoot BSoD glitch on Windows 10, you have the right to comment below or click the support menu on the left side of this web page. Hope you continue to have access to as well as administer support. If you have actually any kind of other blue screen-connected questions or Windows 10-related issues, go to the Windows 10 area on this site for services.