Windows 10 skype lowers volume

If you use your Windows 10 COMPUTER to make telephone calls through applications like Skype, Windows immediately lowers the volume level of other sounds by default while a contact is occurring. Luckily, it’s possible to readjust that function or revolve it off. Here’s just how.

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First, right-click the speaker icon in the device tray. In the food selection that appears, select “Sounds.”


In the “Sound” home window that pops up, click the “Communications” tab.


In the “Communications” tab, you’ll check out a number of options that let you decide what Windows will carry out when it detects “communications activity”—in various other words, when it thinks you’re on a voice or video contact. By default, Windows reduces the volume of various other sounds by 80%, however you can additionally choose to mute other sounds by 50% or mute other sounds entirely.

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To totally turn off the function, choose “Do nopoint,” then click “OK.”


After clicking “OK,” the “Sound” home window will close.

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The following time you place or get a speak to with your Windows 10 COMPUTER, your sound will certainly not be muted while the various other perboy speaks. Happy chatting!

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