Windows 10 skype notifications not working

If Skype stops working to provide regular notifications around the messperiods you got, update the application. Running outdated Skype versions may cause all sorts of glitches. Then log out of your account, restart the application and also log back in. If the trouble persists, pursue the troubleshooting remedies provided listed below.

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Why Won’t Skype Notifications Work on Windows 10?

Let Skype Run in the Background

If you block Skype from running in the background, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any type of notifications.

Go to Settings and also choose Privacy.Then, under App permissions (left pane), go to Background apps and toggle on the choice that Let apps run in the background.
But if you don’t desire to let all the apps run in the background, you deserve to permit just specific apps. Scroll down to Choose which apps have the right to run in the background and toggle Skype on.

Check Your Notification Settings

Ensure you permitted all notifications from Skype.

Navigate to Settings and choose System.Then click Notifications and also Actions.Enable the option that permits you to Get Notifications from apps and various other senders.
Scroll dvery own and ensure Skype is allowed to send you notifications. Sort the list by name if you can’t discover Skype under the Most recent check out.

Additionally, go to Skype settings and also inspect your current application alert settings. Make sure the actions you’re interested in can create notifications on your desktop.

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If you frequently usage Do Not Disturb, you can set the app to show you certain alert categories even once this mode is on.

Check Your Focus Assist Settings

Your Focus Assist settings deserve to override your Skype notice settings. For example, perhaps you already enabled certain automatic rules that block all notifications during specific hrs. Or maybe Skype notifications are not on your priority list.

Set Focus Assist to Off and disable all your Automatic rules. Check if Skype can properly sfinish you notifications currently.


Keep in mind that if you disable Focus Assist, you’ll get all notifications from your apps and contacts. That might perhaps break your focus.

Recollection Skype Local Settings

Exit Skype completely. You can do that by ending on the Skype-related procedures in the Task Manager. Or you have the right to right-click Skype in the taskbar and select Quit.Then form %appdata%microsoft in the Windows Search bar. Press Enter.Locate the Skype for Desktop folder. Right-click on it and rename it to Skype for Desktop_old.
Launch Skype aobtain and also examine if the notice trouble has been solved.


If Skype notifications won’t work on Windows 10, examine your application and also device notification settings. Make sure the app is allowed to sfinish you notifications. Resetting the regional Skype settings might likewise help.

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Did you control to deal with this problem? What blocked Skype notifications in your case? Join the conversation in the comments listed below.