Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 0 percent

after i reset my computer to delete all third party installed program on my computer system, it was installing the home windows 10 and also the point is it was 1hr stuck at 0% ... likewise i recollection my computer bereason there"s a trouble on my network-related adapter... i dont have my asus lapoptimal box to see my license... just how can i install my windows 10 with legit license

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Hello ZhyheimBathan,I"m Jin, a fellow Windows 10 user and also an independent advisor.I understand also that your gadget is presently stuck at 0% once reinstalling Windows after doing recollection.To confirm if your device is really stuck, inspect on the difficult drive light and view if its secure. A steady light implies it"s really stuck, hard push the power button and hopecompletely it have to revert any changes. On the other hand also if it"s still blinking, it implies there"s still some task on your tool, just provide it more time as resetting can be taking fairly sometime.If the manufacturing facility reset falls short, try accessing the progressed startup. When booting as soon as you watch the Windows logo tough press the power switch to interrupt it. You may should execute this 3-4 times till the advancement startup reflects up.In progressed alternatives, select Troubleshoot > Modern options > Repair Windows. If repair stops working, continue with Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.If all else fails, you might think about percreating a clean instevery one of Windows 10To perform a clean installation of Windows 10:Using a different device, produce an installation media: Click the "Download tool now" switch.2. Once downloaded run the MediaCreationTool2004.exe file.3. Accept the terms.4. Select Create installation media, then hit Next off.5. Proceed via the prompts.If your device is not prepared yet via the latest 2004 version of Windows, you deserve to download an ISO of earlier versions of Windows on this link: usage Rufus: to develop the installation media.You can review this connect on how to develop an installation media making use of Rufus: developed, boot your tool on it and also it will certainly proceed in the installation then you"ll be ask wbelow to install Windows. On that window, you have actually the opportunity to delete these partitions and its contents.For a much more thorough measures on exactly how to clean install, inspect this article: for activation, given that you just reinstalled Windows, re-activation should be automatic if Windows was previously set off on your tool and mounted the same edition of Windows: you are still interested in in search of your product key, this short article maybe able to aid you on just how to find your Windows Product Key: regards.