Windows 7 hangs on shutdown

I have actually a toshiba laptop through home windows 7 residence edition. Over the past 2 or 3 weeks, the procedure of home windows shutting down has become slower and sreduced. A couple of days earlier, it stopped altogether. Whenever before I hit the shut down switch in the begin menu, it logs me off as usual, goes to the "Shutting Dvery own..." screen, and also then simply freezes. The rotating progress indicator stops moving, nothing happens, and also the computer system doesn"t shut down.

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The initially time this happened I left it for fifty percent an hour, nopoint taken place. I have to host the power switch each time to acquire it to revolve off.

When I reboot after holding the power button favor this, windows does not provide me the usual "home windows didn"t shut down correctly" message, it just boots normally.

I have actually scanned for viruses and also haven"t set up any new chauffeurs or anypoint I think might have led to this difficulty over the previous few weeks it"s began to occur.

What is the trouble and how deserve to I resolve it?

windows-7 lapheight freeze shutdown
asked Jun 10 "14 at 13:44

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It actually remained in reality a corrupted web page file. What functioned for vista in the connected question functions for home windows 7 too, apparently.

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I"m not sure why home windows was taking so lengthy to shut dvery own before the point wbelow it quit shutting down, or if that"s also connected.

For future reference:

To solve this trouble I saw system settings > advanced tab > performance > virtual memory, then disabled paging. (I schosen "no page file." Setting the size to 0mb reportedly does not work). Then, I permitted paging aobtain. After a reboot, everything was fine. Windows didn"t gain stuck anyeven more and also was able to shut dvery own.

answered Jun 11 "14 at 0:18

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