Windows 7 product key not valid

hi i am brand-new to the forum and also acquired the same problem i saw posted after a clean reinstall of windows 7  house premium message crucial not

valid i got a brand-new product key after following the instructions on the short article but it is longer should I usage that as my brand-new registration key? thanks

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Hi and welpertained to Bleeping Computer forums.

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I"ve discovered from substantial previous suffer that the easiest method to deal with activation concerns is to open a dialogue via Microsoft themselves.


I"ve offered the complying with link many times to do just that:


If you click the "Open Get Help app" switch on the over page, Microsoft reps are accessible 24/7 for one on one chat on that connect.


They"ve constantly been incredibly valuable in my endure and not as soon as have actually I been asked to pay for assistance on anypoint I"ve contacted them about.


Hope that"s useful.


Regards, Andrew

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Posted 18 January 2019 - 01:26 AM

Microsoft has Activation Specialists that deserve to aid you (actual humale beings).


It offered to be that once you referred to as the toll totally free number the advice was not to respond to any of the prompts and ultimately you would be linked to a huguy being but that is not the way it appears to occupational these days (I just called and also checked again).


Click the Start Button/Orb and enter the following:


slui.exe  4


Press the Get in crucial, then pick your nearemainder place, then click Next:



Call the toll cost-free number:



If you say nopoint or push no touch tone tricks, eventually you well obtain a prompt that says:


For protection functions please enter the adhering to number on your phone"s touch tone pad:


You have to enter the asked for 3 digit code.  If you do nopoint (old advice which no much longer appears to be accurate), you will be disconnected.

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Then you deserve to sit and also wait with the prompts and also inevitably be moved to a humale being.


Exsimple your case and they need to assist you.


If they don"t aid or can not help simply hang up and call earlier aacquire and the chances are good that you will certainly talk to a various perchild and eventually you have to discover some nice perchild that will certainly assist you.


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Where did you acquire the installation media which you used to reinstall the operating system?


Are you sure the operating mechanism was the same as the original installation?  Example:  Windows 10 Pro. 64-bit.


When a Windows 10 operating device is installed it"s digital product crucial is automatically sent out to Microsoft wbelow it will remain.  When you reinstall Windows 10 this product code is immediately known and also used.  If this product vital does not work-related or is not the product key found in the System indevelopment you will must contact Microsoft to obtain assistance through readdressing this problem.  To recognize what product code is being recognized please perform the adhering to and also article the outcomes in your topic.


Please click on the Search icon in the Task bar to open up the search box.  Type in this pc, a message will certainly appear stating Best match through This COMPUTER noted, ideal click this and select Properties.  Under Windows Activation you should view Windows is activated and also th   Product ID: through your alphanumerical twenty character product code listed below it.  Does the message state that the operating mechanism is activated?  Does the product code match the one you have been attempting to use?




When a Windows 10 operating mechanism is installed it"s digital product crucial is instantly sent out to Microsoft where it will certainly reprimary.

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