Windows 7 stuck on please wait

Running a Win 7 x64 machine. About a week and a half ago it began stalling on the "Please wait..." prior to login. I tried the hotresolve to no avail. I am able to gain past it once the screensaver kicks on and I wake it. Thoughts anyone?


prior to the screensaver (c:windowssystem32morley.scr) kicks up, Windows Installers installs some software application which is triggered by Kaspersky NetworkAgent (klnagent.exe). Look in Kasperskies logs to see what it does throughout boot.

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This causes many disk IO throughout boot and also slows dvery own boot a lot.


I checked the callstack of some disk activity and view that a Lenovo driver referred to as DzHDD64.sys is connected. Look if this driver is really forced and also if not, remove it.


Tested and also showed in a doprimary setting. "Please wait" is not necessarily a computer system trouble particularly in a enterpclimb atmosphere. Rebooting DC helped deal with the difficulty which was likely resulted in by DNS caching. Hopecompletely will conserve someone time versus troubleshooting the computer system in vain.


The "please wait" slows dvery own as soon as I add the computer to an OU via scripts. Long story short I went ahead and also ran the and also only had 2 spins of please wait. Special many thanks to Andre to lead me in the direction of the right direction. I"ve been rebrowsing this issue for 6 months.

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For testing objective please attempt to disable the following services: Windows Error Reporting, Netoccupational Location Service, Network-related List service

Power off the PCPower on and press repeadiatly F8 you watch the Safe Mode screenSelect Safe Mode through NetworkingLogin to your PCPress Win+R and also enter solutions.msc right into the window followed by pressing returnLocate over solutions (Windows Error Reporting, Netoccupational Location Service, Network-related List service)Double-click them (one by one) and also change the startup type to DisabledRestart your computer gracefully! (Start -> Shutdown)

Those services aren"t really necessary yet might block your COMPUTER from booting.

If this does not help, please provide even more details, prefer is your PC part of a domain?

Run Disk Cleanup and also make sure Windows Updates Temporary papers are checked, and also rebegin.

Tright here might be a broken Update somewbelow.

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