Windows 7 vs windows 10 performance old pc

Some human being refuse to give up Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10. Why? Well, there are several contributing components.

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Windows 10 is currently more than three years old. The operating mechanism definitely isn"t perfect, yet users and also critics both mainly agree that it"s is the finest operating device Microsoft has ever developed.

And yet some people refusage to offer up Windows 7. Why? Tright here are many contributing factors. Let"s take a look.

How Many kind of People Still Use Windows 7?

Windows 7 and also Windows 10 are nearly neck and also neck in regards to user numbers.

Precise figures are difficult to find. However before, StatCounter shelp Windows 10 had overtaken Windows 7"s industry share back in February 2018. Contrarily, the latest data from analytics company Net Applications (August 2018) put Windows 7 on 40.3% and Windows 10 on 37.8%.

In reality, most of the Windows 7 market share is consisted of by the service sector. Many kind of of those service providers are currently scrambling to make the switch to Windows 10. Free extended assistance for Windows 7 will certainly end in January 2020, much less than 18 months amethod (we"ve gained tips for Windows 7 at end of life.) If they desire official assistance with to 2023, they will certainly have to pay a considerable price.


But also ameans from the company people, many house users refusage to upgrade---despite mainstream assistance finishing in January 2015. Before continuing, make sure you understand how to examine your Windows version if you"re not certain.

Why Is Windows 7 Still So Popular?

In July 2019, Windows 7 will celebprice its 10th birthday. The truth it"s still clinging on to its title as the world"s the majority of famous operating system virtually a decade after its release is a testament to its original high quality.

But let"s be hocolony, there"s no means that a 10-year-old operating system must be number one. So, what"s going on? Why carry out so many type of human being and also businesses still use it?

Here are our top five reasons.

1. Security and also Privacy

If you spfinish some time browsing this topic on the web"s various dedicated Windows forums, there"s one factor that stands out above all others: defense and also privacy.


The biggest criticism leveled at Windows 10 is its recurring repertoire of telemeattempt information. It"s a valid point; Windows 10 does amass far more data about your consumption behavior than Windows 7. Lots of customers are uncomfortable through it and also select not to upgrade.

Luckily, if you"re a privacy fanatic, tright here are plenty of third-party tools you have the right to use that"ll entirely disable the telemeattempt on Windows 10.

As for the operating system"s defense, the debate that Windows 7 is even more secure than Windows 10 is downideal false. Features prefer Device Guard, UEFI secure boot, BitLocker, and Windows Hello all make the newer operating system a lot even more durable.

The facts support the theory. Security firm Webroot claims the average Windows 10 machine had 0.04 malware papers current in 2017, while the average Windows 7 computer system had 0.08 malware documents. In addition, simply 15 percent of all malware was on Windows 10 devices, while 63 percent was on Windows 7.

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2. Software Compatibility and Legacy Apps

Windows 7 still boasts better software program compatibility than Windows 10.

Of course, we"re not talking about Photoshop, Spotify, Microsoft Word, Steam or any type of of the various other mainstream apps; they all supported Windows 10 from its release day.

Instead, we"re talking around the numerous third-party apps and proprietary in-house software that regularly perform a really certain attribute and which lots of human being depend on eincredibly day. Undoubtedly, the reliance on heritage software is why so many businesses have actually been sluggish to upgrade.

Similarly, several human being don"t desire to upgrade to Windows 10 bereason they heavily rely on legacy Windows 7 apps and features that are not component of the more recent operating device.

For instance, Windows Photograph Viewer and also Windows Movie Maker have the right to be mounted on Windows 10, however in helpful terms, they are both dead. Microsoft has likewise totally eliminated Windows Media Center in Windows 10. Perhaps apps like Kodi and also Plex can fill the void, however a lot of users desire to keep utilizing the very same apps that they"ve provided for the last decade.


Windows 10 Start Menu
Many type of civilization worry around adapting to brand-new points when it pertains to technology. Menus and settings in different places have the right to cause confusion and also reduced productivity.

One only has to look at the debacle over the Start menu in Windows 8 to view proof of the hysteria in action. In hindsight, was a Start screen quite than a Start menu really that bad? Probably not.

If you"ve been using Windows 7 exclusively since its release in 2009---and you never before provided the transitory Windows 8---the different between interdeals with, layouts, and also menus is jarring.

For some Windows 7 users, it"s ssuggest not worth spending the time to adapt to the brand-new variation.

4. Hardware Restrictions

On paper, Windows 7 and also Windows 10 have identical hardware requirements. They are:

Processor: 1 GHz or quicker. RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit). Free tough disk space: 16 GB. Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device via WDDM driver.

However before, if you try to install Windows 10 on a computer at the bottom end of those specs, you"re going to run right into significant challenges.

I sheight from experience; my wife had an old Dell Notebook lying about through a 1Ghz processor and also 1 GB of RAM. I percreated a clean install of Windows 10, yet after completion, the hardware struggresulted in finish even the most fundamental tasks in a timely manner

For world whose hardware is showing its age, it"s just as well a lot of a danger to upgrade to Windows 10.

5. Forced Updates

Windows 10 Advanced Upday settings
Three years after launch, and the Windows 10 compelled update saga is still rumbling on. Yes, the situation is much better than it provided to be. But no, you still don"t have 100 percent manage over your operating mechanism.

And for several civilization, that lack of control is a red line. What happens if an upday breaks an application you depend on eexceptionally day? After all, it"s not favor Microsoft (or any kind of other company) has a blemish-free document as soon as it involves buggy updates.

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Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

In a word, yes. strongly recommends that you upgrade to Windows 10. The new operating system uses more attributes, a much more modern user interface, and also magnified protection as soon as compared to its predecessor.

We also recommfinish that for problem-complimentary Windows 10 experience, you percreate a clean instevery one of the operating device. Just make sure you create complete backups of all your data before you execute so. And prior to you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, see whether it"s worth the expense.