Windows 8 error code 0xc0000225

If you are struggling via the error code 0xc0000225 in Windows 10/8/8.1 & 7 while founding your COMPUTER, then this write-up is for you. Here learn the finish information around the 0xc0000225 error and also its fixes.

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The error 0xc0000225 is actually a booting error that greatly shows up in Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 & 10. This error appears because of badly configured Boot Configuration Data (BCD) or missing/corrupt essential mechanism files, it occurs once the user boots the Windows PC/lapoptimal and also refutes any kind of OS tries to advance additional.

So, in order to deal with error 0xc0000225 in Windows attempt the provided fixes one by one. 

How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000225 in Windows 7/8/8.1 & 10 

Well, if you are not technically progressed than it is strictly said not to follow the offered hand-operated services instead run the expert recommfinished Windows Repair tool to solve boot concerns and also errors.

Equipment 1: Redevelop Boot Configuration Data

As previously disputed the error 0xc0000225 might happen because of a damaged or corrupted Boot Configuration Data (BCD) or Boot Configuration Data file is absent, which contain startup papers must pack the OS. To recuperate from this error, rebuild BCD from the command prompt explained below:

Boot from the original install diskClick on Repair your computer

Choose Troubleshoot, and Command PromptType the following commands:bootrec /fixmbrbootrec /fixbootbootrec /scanosbootrec /rebuildbcd


Type departure and rerelocate the installation disk, push EnterRestart the computer

Systems 2: Configure System Partition

If the partition of the device is badly or imeffectively configured then it misguides the OS to look for BCD records in a wrong volume and/or magazine. Thus reason, a 0xc000025 error occurs while restarting the device.

You deserve to settle this worry via the help of the BCD boot tool to copy a tiny collection of boot-setting papers from the mounted Windows picture to the mechanism partition. This tool also renders you able to produce a Boot Configuration Data keep on the mechanism partition that instructs the COMPUTER to boot from the Windows partition.

Apply the offered steps to execute so:

Open the Command Prompt ScreenType diskpart and also press Get in keyGo to the command list volume to check out the details of computer system volumesIn the Label column, search for the “ESP” label and note the volume number related through it from Volume ### columnAfter finding, choose the volume using: select volume=2

Please Note: Relocation “2” through the number equivalent to the “ESP” label

Alsituate it a correspondence by entering alfind letter=Z right into the command lineType departure and hit Get in to leave diskpartAfter all, use the bcdboot command i.e. bcdboot C:windows /s Z:/f UEFI

Note: Relocation C with the drive letter that has your OS

Solution 3: Mark partition as Active

Because of wrong active partition (if a wrong energetic partition is selected) the above-discussed error generate. If it happens then the BIOS again entraps itself in a state wbelow it appears for mechanism files in a wrong area. You have the right to resolve this difficulty by applying the bellow given solution:

Aget open up the Command also Prompt display screen via the aid of Windows 8.1 Installation disk as formerly discussedType diskpart and hit EnterTo check out installed disks type list disk


Select desired disk by entering the command also choose disk 0 (assuming 0 is the primary disk)With the selected disk, see partitions by the command also list partitionRecognize the desired one to be active (commonly the device partition)Choose this partition making use of the command: choose partition 1 (assuming 1 is the preferred active partition)After choosing, activate it by keying energetic, and also push EnterTo close the command home window, form leave in the command line and also press Enter

It is essential to rebegin your PC after the completion of each of these approaches. After using the above-offered tricks will certainly deal with such type of error without any kind of worries reaching your Windows any kind of more.

Systems 4: Run Automatic Repair

Well if still, you are encountering the 0xc0000225 Windows 8 error then the try percreating the automatic repair.

Follow the procedures to perform so:

Turn off your PC/lapheight > insert the installation media, be it a USB flash drive, or a DVD. And rebegin your systemIf you use the USB flash drive > press suitable key to boot from it. If making use of a CD or DVD disc, then you deserve to see “Press any crucial to boot from CD or DVD“. Now follow the offered instruction and also try to boot.Select your language preference > click Repair your computer.

Now, click Troubleshoot > Advanced options.Click Automatic Repair.

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And wait for the totality process to begin

And as the totality procedure is finiburned rebegin your mechanism and also inspect if the error code 0xc0000225 in Windows 7/8/8.1 & 10 is resolved or not.

Automatic Equipment to Fix 0xc0000225 Error

It is approximated the given solution functions for you to settle the error code 0xc0000225 Windows 8/8.1/ 7 & 10, however if not the without wasting time run the Windows Repair Device. This is an advanced repair utility that just by scanning as soon as detect and settle assorted Windows connected issues and also errors.

It likewise helps you to fix most widespread computer system issues, damaged files, registry corruption, also protect you against virus infection and others. Not only this likewise boosts Windows PC performance.

Get the Windows Repair tool, to settle errors & optimize performance.


So, in this way you can resolve the Windows boot error 0xc0000225 in Windows. Well, the provided hand-operated solutions are quite technical so make sure to follow them closely.

Also, you have the right to run the automatic repair energy to solve Windows boot error 0xc0000225.

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