Windows cannot format this drive quit any disk utilities

When you"re unable to format a disk in Windows 10 and also obtain "Windows cannot format this drive" warning while doing so, below is just how to fix this trouble.

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Formatting a drive is not new thing for any type of of us and also everyone here knows just how to format a drive in Windows. But the matter of interemainder is – what if Windows refuses to format a drive and also you can carry out nopoint around it? Well, this is situation we newly came roughly and we thought it must be common via every one of you bereason this issue can happen with anyone.

While formatting a hard-drive which was being used for System Image backup in Windows 10, we got adhering to warning:

Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any type of disk utilities or various other programs that are utilizing this drive, and make sure that no home window is displaying the contents of the drive. Then attempt formatting aacquire.


As per the suggestions, we quit all the windows displaying contents of this drive and additionally tried to change location of System Image Backup to different drive, however still tright here were no transforms in case and also we can’t format the drive.

You might instead obtain following message, if the disk you’re formatting is being supplied in various other third-party program:

Windows was unable to complete the format.

For both type of troubles, we have actually discovered the fixes stated listed below. Try the deal with matches your instance and also get rid of this hiccup.

FIX : ‘Windows Cannot Layout This Drive’ In Windows 10

CASE 1 : If Drive Is Utilized In Some Program

The drive Windows is unable to format might be utilized in some third-party software application you might be making use of on your machine. If it is feasible for you to uninstall that software program for a while, you can execute so and format the drive. But if it is not feasible for you to rerelocate the software application (due to interruption from background services and so on.), but you still desire to format the drive, you have the right to try formatting via Command also Prompt at boot recovery choices. Here’s how:

1. Boot into Cutting edge System Recoextremely Options and select Command also Prompt.

2. In Command also Prompt window, type adhering to commands (discussed in bold) one-by-one and press Enter vital after each.

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diskpart Starts Disk Management Utilitylist disk Lists your device hard-drivelist volume Lists all hard-drive partitions including USB, DVD select volume # Replace # via drive number you"re unable to formatformat fs=ntfs quick Perdevelops quick NTFS format on schosen drive


You deserve to now close the Command Prompt window and Continue to your operating device. The formatted drive deserve to currently be supplied for your wanted purpose.

CASE 2 : If Drive Is Utilized In Windows Operating System

When you’re unable to format the drive you’re making use of for System Image Backup, the factor is that its paging file is mechanism controlled. This mechanism controlled paging file doesn’t enables Disk Management to manipulate the drive. These measures have to aid you in this case:

1. Press 

 + R and also type sysdm.cpl in Run. Click OK or press Enter vital.


2. In System Properties home window, switch to Advanced tab. Click Settings under Performance.


3. Then in Performance Options home window, switch to Advanced tab. Under Virtual memory section, hit Change.


4. Next in Virtual Memory home window, uncheck Automatically control paging file size for all drives. Then pick the drive which you’re were unable to format, it must be having its Paging File Size set to System Managed. Select the No paging file option and hit Set which have to adjust Paging File Size to None from System Managed. Click OK, Apply and also close System Properties.

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Finally, re-try to format the very same drive and this time it must work without any warnings.