Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected windows 8

Windows states it cannot run CHKDSK bereason the volume is write protected? Come and learn exactly how to rerelocate write defended on hard drive for CHKDSK in Windows 10/8/7.

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Possible reasons for create protected

Typically speaking, write-defended condition deserve to be understood as read only. That is tosay, you can check out files on compose protected drive but you cannot include brand-new papers ormake alters for existing data. Following are feasible reasons that account for whyyour drive gain create protected.

There is a compose protection tab on your hard drive. Normally, it is producedby manufacturer. Check your hard drive or disk enclosure. If yes, switch it tothe Off side.

The partition file mechanism is corrupted or damaged as a result of virus infection orother unwell-known reasons. A negative file device may reason the information cannot beaccessed.

The attribute of selected drive is collection as ReadOnly. The attribute may bemodified unwittingly.

After learning why you can’t run CHKDSK on create defended drive, let’s learn how torerelocate the write defense with different remedies.

Quick fixes to rerelocate create defended for CHKDSK in Windows 10/8/7

To clear the create defense and also perform CHKDSK, you might require various solutionsunder different situations. Some workable fixes are portrayed below.

Fix CHKDSK create protected disk in CMD

According the assistance of Microsoft, when you enrespond to the CHKDSK /f volume is writeprotected concern, you have the right to try another command also in CMD: chkdsk/f / r / x. For instance, chkdsk F: /f /r /x and also press Enter. You canrearea F via another drive letter.

However before, some individuals report that that command also does not resolve their trouble. Thewrite protection error still prompts.


If you have challenged such case, it is suggested to try other techniques showing in thefollowing part.

Remove write defense in

This method uses to the drive that has actually been set as readjust. It will certainly clearreadjust attributes.

1. Type diskcomponent in CMD and hit Enter. Click on Yes in the pop up confirmingdialogue.

2. In Diskcomponent, kind complying with regulates in sequence and also each of them comes through anGo into.

list volume

choose volume n (wright here n is the write-defended drive, right here is 6)

characteristics disk clear readonly



3. Go earlier to CMD and also form CHKDSK F: /f, you’ll find the disk checking runssmoothly.

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Modify WriteProtected vital in Regisattempt Editor

Anvarious other means to clear readjust of a drive is to modify registry. Typeregedit in Run and also navigate to this path:


Right click the WriteProtected key and also choose Modify. Change thevalue from 1 to 0.


Tips: If you cannot discover the StorageDevicePolicies, you can rightclick Control folder and also then New > Key. Nameit via WriteProtected and open it.

Rerelocate create defended by entirely formatting

If the write defense in CHKDSK is led to by corrupted or damaged file system, youneed to format it thoaround. When format the drive with Device Manager or,you might receive format compose protected error.

Fortunately, you can format the write defended drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Itis complimentary tough drive partition manager that will certainly aid you much better manageinternal/external/USB difficult drive, USB flash drive, SD card, Pen drive, and so on To solvethe CHKDSK create defended trouble in Windows 10, freedownpack and have a try.

Important: formatting will certainly reason data loss. Think twice before youleap.

1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click the compose protectedpartition and also pick Format Partition.


2. Edit partition label, select file system and readjust cluster size if you wish to inthe pop up window.


3. Click Apply and also then Proceed after yourconfirmation.


Tips: Except for formatting the partition, you have the right to Wipe Partition if tright here is no importantinformation stored on that drive.

Run disk checking via 3rd party tools

To fix “unable to CHKDSK write protected” error, you deserve to run disk checking withan additional tool. Aforediscussed AOMEI Partition Assistant supports percreating not onlypartition checking however disk checking. Let’s obtain to understand these 2 functions. In thefirst area, start AOMEI Partition Assistant.

1. For partition error checking, right click the drive and also go Modern >Check Partition.


2. For disk bad sector checking, appropriate click the disk and pick SurfaceTest.

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Tips: covered techniques also apply to “CHKDSK write defended USB”,“CHKDSK NTFS create protected”, and also “unable to install Windows bereason the partitionis write protected” concerns.