Windows did not detect any networking hardware windows 8

After updating your Windows 10 computer, while connecting to the Web you may occasionally enrespond to a difficulty, incurring an error message stating ‘Windows did not detect any kind of networking hardware‘ on your computer. Windows loads the driver for your installed devices immediately. In this case, the WiFi or the Ethernet driver is lacking from your computer. If you are seeing this error message, execute not problem. There are some easy fixes to fix this issue.

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You need to downpack the latest variation of the driver on another connected computer.

a. Open the Device Manager on the problematic device and alert the name of the adapter.

b. Open a web browser home window and search for the netjob-related driver.

c. Downfill the latest driver from a trusted source (favor the manufacturer website).


d. Then, copy-paste the downloaded driver on a flash drive.

e. Then, plug in the flash drive to the device where you are dealing with this issue.

f. Copy the audio driver from the flash drive to somewright here on your computer. Remember the location.

Fix 1 – Use Network-related Adapter Troubleshooting

Use the netoccupational adapter troubleshooting to solve the difficulty on your computer system.

1. At first, form “Troubleshoot settings” in the search box.

2. Then, click the “Troubleshoot settings“.


3. Then, on the right-hand side, click on the “Net Connections“.

4. Then, to run the troubleshooter, click the “Run the troubleshooter“.


After that, Windows will certainly immediately attempt fixes for your difficulty.

5. Then, you need to click on “Close“.


Now, attempt to connect to the internet aobtain.

If you still can’t attach, tright here might be something wrong with the adapter. Try troubleshooting it-

6. Scroll down in the very same Settings home window, click on “Netoccupational Adapter

7. Then, click the “Run the troubleshooter” to run the troubleshooter.


In a while, Windows will examine for errors in the netoccupational adapter.

Restart your computer system and also after refounding your computer system, examine if this fix has actually operated for you or not.

Fix 2 – Update the driver

Check if tright here is any kind of update for the driver that is obtainable on your computer.

1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run.

2. Then, create “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter.


2. Then you have to expand the “Netoccupational adapters“.

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3. After that, right-click on the network adapter driver on your computer system and then click on “Upday driver.

4. To let Windows search for chauffeurs itself, choose the option “Search instantly for drivers“.


Windows will certainly install the driver on your computer system.

Fix 3 – Unisntall and also reinstall the driver

Uninstalling and installing the driver aget is the finest method to tackle this kind of trouble.

1. You have to push Windows key+R.

2. Then type “ncpa.cpl” in the Run window and then hit Enter.


3. Just note down the name of the adapter you are using on your computer system.


4. Again open a Run window.

5. Then, compose “devmgmt.msc” and also click “OK“.


6. Then, expand also the “Network-related adapters” area.

7. Now, in order to uninstall the certain adapter, right-click on the problematic adapter and also then click the “Uninstall device“.


Now, the network adapter driver will certainly be uninstalled from your system.

Reinstall the netoccupational driver-

Now, we will re-install the unmounted netjob-related adapter aobtain on your tool. Follow these easy methods-

Method 1

1. After uninstalling the driver, go to the location of the audio driver you duplicated earlier.

2. Then, right-click the audio driver setup and also click on the “Properties“.


3. In the Compatibility tab, check the box “Run this regime in Compatibility mode for:“.

4. Choose the OS from the drop-down as necessary.


5. Finally, click on “Apply” and also “OK” to save the settings.


6. Run the setup on your computer system to install the driver on your computer.


Click on “Close” to cshed the home window.

Method 2 – 

Install the latest driver from the Device Manager.

1. After that, push the Windows key+X and also click on the “Device Manager“.


2. Once it opens up, right-click the problematic driver and also click “Update driver“.

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3. Just, click the “Browse my computer for driver software” to instruct Windows to discover the driver from your computer system files.