Windows experience index for your system could not be computed

I"ve upgraded freshly from Windows Vista to Windows 8. When I try to price my computer, it accesses DirectX 9 performance, then processes to DirectX 10 tests:


And it gets stuck at this allude. In 5–10 minutes, it reflects error message:


The video card is rather old: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipcollection Family. I"m pretty sure it does not support DirectX 10. Why does Windows assess it with DirectX 10? And exactly how have the right to I make it skip DirectX 10 tests and gain the system rating?

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asked Nov 7 "12 at 20:31

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I haven"t uncovered a way to skip DirectX 10 experimentation. On the various other hand, I"ve uncovered a method to fill mechanism rating information so that Windows Experience Index is displayed:


The adhering to steps explain exactly how to change the displayed numbers. Because I couldn"t run the official performance trial and error, I had actually to cwarm.

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WinSAT: Windows System Assessment Tool

Using WinSAT command-line energy, I ran all the tests excluding gaming graphics:

winsat dwmformalwinsat cpuformalwinsat memformalwinsat diskformalThis method I derived the rating for almost all the components. The results are saved in %WinDir%PerformanceWinSATDataStore in XML papers.

And then I ran only DirectX 9 subset of graphicsformal3d assessment:

winsat graphicsformal3d -dx9 -xml d3d.xmlI skipped graphicsformalmedia assessment as its information are not displayed.

Formal Assessment Documents File

Luckily I had actually a copy of XML file through Formal assessment from an additional Windows 8 computer system. I modified the data in facet and put my data right into it:

After editing and enhancing the XML file, the mechanism displayed the information but complained the data were out of date. To deal with it, I duplicated the data beginning through approximately the end from one of the formal assessments produced above.

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I didn"t modify the data in element, so they"re incorrect.Additionally, the data in and are inregular through .

The inconsistencies can be fixed by copying the information from the formal sub-assessments. My goal was achieved: Windows display screens the Windows Experience Index, so I left those unadjusted.

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The answers to Performance rating returns via no results confirmed me the way to go. I learned around WinSAT and also exactly how Windows stores its Performance information that are presented as Windows Experience Index.