Windows failed fast startup with error status 0xc00000d4.


Have you come across Windows failed quick startup with error status 0xC00000D4? This error might bring about a mechanism crash. It’s high time that you have to fix the problem. In today’s post, MiniTool will certainly share you with numerous efficient troubleshooting methods.

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What Caprovides Windows Failed Quick Startup with Error Status 0xC00000D4

In order to rate up their computer system or data carrying, a good many kind of people switch to SSDs. Do you understand the Fast Startup feature? This function is constructed in your mounted Windows updates to speed up your boot sequence.

If you have actually set up an SSD on your PC also, you would much better to disable the Quick Startup. This is bereason the function doesn’t have also a lot result compared through SSDs. More importantly, you deserve to be bothered by Windows failed rapid startup with error condition 0xC00000D4.

Tright here are some widespread causes behind the failed rapid startup error.

Current device changes: The Quick Startup function can be impacted by the Windows updates that you installed

Now, let’s start solving Windows failed quick startup through error standing 0xC00000D4.

Fix 1. Unexecute Current System Changes Using System Rekeep Point

As stated above, the existing system transforms deserve to trigger error 0xC00000D4. If you have actually created a system regain suggest before the error pops up, you deserve to usage it to undo these alters. Please review this write-up “How to Perdevelop a System Restore from Command also Prompts Windows 10” to recognize comprehensive steps

Fix 2. Use System File Checker

Corrupted device records are responsible for Windows failed rapid startup via error standing 0xC00000D4. Here System File Checker is an effective tool to repair corrupted device records. You deserve to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Type cmd in the search box, and also then right-click Command Prompt and also select Run as administrator.

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Step 2. Type sfc/scannow in the command prompt and also hit Enter. After that, the mechanism documents will certainly be scanned and also the corrupted papers will be repaired. This procedure will certainly take some time to finish, so please wait patiently.


After this procedure completes, inspect if you settle the Windows failed fast startup with error standing 0xC00000D4.

Fix 3. Disattach All External Hardware Devices

If you discover the error message pops up after connecting some external hardware devices, it is extremely likely that these devices create the difficulty. Currently, you need to disattach them temporarily and also then check if the error is gone. 

Fix 4. Turn off Rapid Startup

If all the over methods fail to job-related, you might need to turn off Quick Startup before Microsoft releases the main resolve for it. To disable Quick Startup, follow the measures below:

Step 1. Type control in the search box, and also then pick Control Panel from the conmessage menu.


Step 2. Change View by to the Large icons, and also click Power Options in the new window.


Step 3. Click on Choose what the power butloads do > Change settings that are currently unobtainable one by one.


Tip 4. Uncheck the box of Turn on rapid startup and also click Save changes button to confirm.

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Tip 5. Restart your computer system to execute this change and also check out if the error is readdressed.



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