Windows has detected that audio enhancements logitech

The error “Windows has detected that audio renovations for the complying with device are resulting in problems” is well-known to occur once your operating device detects multiple brand-new audio output tools. This habits occurs mainly because the audio improvement that was formerly erected is incompatible through the new tool. This is a popular bug in those Windows 10 builds that don’t have the Fall Creator’s Upday.

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Typically, the audio enhancements issue is encountered as soon as users attempt to accessibility the Sound Settings in Control Panel or eexceptionally time the major audio gadget is re-selected. However before, some customers have actually reported gaining this error randomly or once adjusting certain sound settings (bass increase, treble increase, etc).

What are Audio Enhancements?

Microsoft and most third-party merchants are shipping audio renovations packages designed to allow you to acquire the best possible sound from your hardware. However before, relying on your configuration, you might find that these audio improvements are leading to various audio and sound troubles if you have actually even more than one sound output gadget. In some situations, customers have actually reported that their mechanism does not output any kind of sound while audio enhancements are energetic – this generally happens on configurations that usage a committed sound card.

How to solve Audio Enhancements problem

Users encounter the audio enhancements prompt must not be overly pertained to about it, unless there’s an underlying problem brought about by this error message. Many sound cards (incorporated or add-ins) have actually these so-called “enhancement” features. If your sound card has actually well-off functions and capabilities, it can prompt you to disable the built-in Windows audio improvements so that it deserve to use the ones gave by the dedicated sound card vehicle drivers. Test for any kind of unmeant impacts by hitting Yes at the prompt – you deserve to always go ago and re-enable audio enhancements from sound settings if anypoint goes wrong (check out Method 4).

However, if you shed sound whenever the “Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the complying with gadget are causing problems” error pops up, clicking Yes at the prompt will not be sufficient.


Note: There’s also one more variation of this error message where users are motivated to re-permit audio renovations rather of disabling them. This typically happens once the user has actually previously disabled audio enhancements from Control Panel and also then finished up connecting an audio output device that is configured to usage audio improvements. In this particular case, hitting Yes at the prompt will certainly the majority of likely prevent the error message from appearing again. In the event that this prompt is re-showing up after hitting Yes, follow Method 4 to manually re-allow audio attachments.

If you’re presently struggling with the Audio Enhancement Problem prompt, tright here are a few viable fixes that customers have successfully offered to rerelocate the error message. If you’re constantly bothered by the message or you uncover that is resulting in underlying difficulties through your device, follow the approaches below to troubleshoot the concern. Please start through the initially strategy and also occupational your way dvery own until you find a viable solution for your situation.

Method 1: Upday to Fall Creators Upday 1709 (Windows 10)

This particular problem began obtaining many attention in the initially year after Windows 10 released. As it transforms out, the concern was concerned an insect that instantly disabled audio enhancements eincredibly 5 minutes or so, continually prompting the Audio Enhancement Problem home window.

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Fortunately, this particular bug was addressed by Microsoft via the Fall Creators Update (develop 1709). Let’s start our troubleshooting search by making sure this specific bug is resolved. Check if you have the Fall Creators Update by opening a Run window (Windows crucial + R), keying “winver” and hitting Go into.


In About Windows, inspect which version you presently have actually. If your Windows build is older than 1709, follow with through the actions below in order to apply the Fall Creators Update. If you currently have actually develop 1709, skip to Method 2.


Open a Run home window (Windows key + R), kind “manage update” and hit Enter to open up Windows Update. In the Windows Update display, click on Check for updates and wait until the updays are downloaded. You will be prompted to restart as soon as the Fall Creators Upday is prepared to install.


Once the Creators update is applied and also your system rebooted, use your device commonly and also see if the prompts have quit showing up. If they are still showing up, relocate to Method 2.

Method 2: Update / Reinstall the audio driver

It’s not unwidespread for this problem to be led to by an incompatibility between your audio chauffeurs. This is also even more most likely if you have multiple audio output gadgets. When Windows detects multiple new audio output devices, it could allow Audio Enhancements on a maker that is not compatible with this feature. If that’s the instance, updating or reinstalling the audio driver need to just enable audio renovations for those devices that are compatible with it. Here’s a quick guide to doing this:

Press “Windows vital + R” to open up a Run window. Then, type “devmgmt.msc” and push Enter to open Device Manager.
In Device Manager, scroll down and also expand Sound, video and also game controllers. Next, right-click your sound driver and also select Update driver (Upday driver software).
Depending on your PC configuration, you can uncover multiple drivers under Sound, video and also game controllers. If you have a committed sound card, right-click on the driver associated via it. If you’re making use of an onboard sound card, right-click the generic audio driver.Click on Search automatically for updated driver software and view whether your sound driver get’s updated. If it doesn’t uncover a more recent version, you deserve to additionally use WU to search by clicking on Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.

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Note: If the search manages to recognize a more recent audio driver variation, follow the on-screen prompts to apply the upday. If not, continue through the steps below to re-install the audio driver.Return to Sound, video and also game controllers in Device Manager, right-click on the audio driver and choose Uninstall Device.
Install the High Definition Audio driver to your device, and also view whether the issue has been refixed. If you’re still seeing the same annoying prompts, relocate over to Method 3.

Method 3: Using Windows Troubleshooter

If the first 2 techniques didn’t make a distinction, let’s watch if the built-in Windows troubleshooter manperiods to recognize the problem. To be fair, the integrated troubleshooter doesn’t have actually the finest reputations once it concerns addressing prevalent Windows errors, however some individuals have reported that troubleshooting for Hardware and Devices was effective in removing the Audio Enhancements Problem error incertainly. Here’s a quick overview to utilizing Windows Troubleshooter on Hardware and also Devices: