Windows is checking for a solution to the problem

When a regimen is terminated by Windows it will certainly examine for a solution. If no solution is uncovered ... don't wait for one.

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I bought a Windows 7 64-little computer system last autumn (Dell XPS8000). Hi-defmonitor. Yeah! I WAS enjoying it much. Soon I gain “Windows Media Player hasstopped working. Windows is checking for a solution and will certainly educate you…..”Or somepoint to that effect.

The rub is that Microsoft reportedly anticipated that under somescenarios Windows Media Player would quit working because they includedthis error message. Yet, 8 months later, tright here is not (as much as I’ve been ableto determine) a solution in sight. Windows hasn’t informed me of anypoint.

Is Windows doing anypoint even more than popping up an error message? Or is thisdifficulty so abstruse that it is taking all these months find a solution? Myhunch is that Windows is simply up a dead finish street, and also I’m up a creek sanspaddle.

Microsoft didn’t anticipate that Windows Media Player would certainly have actually thatparticular problem.

What they anticipated is that any regime have the right to have adifficulty that might speak it from functioning.

That message isn’t from Windows Media Player, it’s from Windows itself, andcould show up for virtually any regime.

Personally, I appreciate the message, however am involved that it sets anunrealistic expectation.

All Programs Have Bugs

I’ve sassist it before: all software program has actually bugs. Add to that the millions ofpotential unanticipated interactions that software program running under Windows mighthave via your computer’s distinctive combination of software and hardware it’sreally no surprise that occasionally points go wrong.

“It’s additionally possible that it’s not Microsoft’sproblem.”

On (fortunately) rare occasions, points will go so wrong that Windows muststep in and sheight a routine from running. When that happens, it gives you thatmessage: “ has actually quit working…”.

And it deserve to take place to any kind of program, not just Windows Media Player. Microsoftdidn’t understand ahead of time that Windows Media Player would fail – they simply knowthat at some point some regime will fail.

Some Bugs are More Usual Than Others

Now, the reality that the difficulty isn’t solved after 8 months for you is sadlylikewise no surprise.

It can mean any variety of things; the most most likely is that the problemyou’re experiencing is not happening to enough people to be of a priority tofix. Placed an additional method, Microsoft is also busy handling other troubles thatare either more major or that even more civilization are dealing with.

It’s likewise possible that it’s not Microsoft’s problem.
See driver.(Click on the term for complete definition.)
">Device driver softwarecan cause this – and that is regularly offered by the hardware manufacturer, outof Microsoft’s manage.

None of that helps you. If you’re the one in a million that a problemhappens to, and also for you it happens repetitively and also routinely, then it doesn’tmatter to you how many other human being have actually or don’t have the trouble. You justwant it resolved.

Words that Set Unrealistic Expectations

“Windows will notify you if a solution is accessible.”

I have actually viewed Windows notify me of services – periodically appropriate ameans, andoccasionally some weeks later on.

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But even more frequently it does not.

The message sets an expectation that your indevelopment has been sent out toMicrosoft (it has) and will be used (it will) to devise a solution (it might)that will be sent out to you (it might) in a reasonable amount of time (probablynot).

The truth is that when again Microsoft is getting thousands, if not millionsof these reports every day. I’m certain that the information is gathered and analyzed,however I’m fairly certain that Microsoft prioritizes working on the the majority of commonlyreported or the a lot of significant errors initially. If there’s time left over to work-related onthe remainder they might perform so – however more than likely not.

What that suggests is that if your error is an unprevalent one, you can nevercheck out a resolution.

And of course you have no way of discovering simply how common your error is.

Or what else might variable in to judge whether it’s “severe”.

Or, for that matter, whether it’s also Microsoft’s error to resolve.

The Best Expectation

In my opinion, the finest expectation is none at all.

By that I suppose let Windows report the error, but if tbelow isn’t an immediatefix then don’t suppose one. Find some various other method to either settle, bypass orjob-related roughly the error.

It’ll be a lot faster than waiting for a settle that might well never arrive.


I ran throughout this great post by Microsoft’s Raymond Chen: How many type of faientice reports does a
A bug is nothing more than an error or mistake in either software application programming or hardware design.Bugs have the right to manifest in any kind of of numerous ways, from basic and also benign misbehaviour to catastrophic faientice, crashes, and information loss. In fact, many type of bugs many type of never manifest at all.Bugs can additionally be exceptionally difficult to recognize and also correct – or trivially simple. A rather cynical rule of thumb is that the harder a pest is to identify, the much easier it is to resolve, and also vice-versa.(Click on the term for complete meaning.)
">bug have to get prior to Windows will deal with it? – well worth analysis to help collection expectations.

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