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So.. I determined to upgrade my old laptop from xp to vista. Made sure that it supported it, and also went and also obtained my iso flash drive for vista I made a lengthy time back. Well plugged it in started it up... Ran fine. Key check! Where perform I want vista? Error...... Windows is unable to uncover a system volume that meets its criteria for installation... WHAT?!I have no clue what this problem means or how to fix it, any kind of assist is considerably apprecatied.System Specs:146.5 Hard drive, wiped and formatted to NTFS1.6 Intel Processor1 G ram8 G mircobot usb flash drive, through vista and formatted to NTFSAny thing else that is must assist me, I will certainly try to give you
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Is tright here an OS already on the hard drive?Did you review this:How to Install Windows VistaVista needs 15 GB or more of cost-free area.Don't suppose Vista to redimension any type of partition.Vista should uncover a method to create a primary partition. If the existing partition is a huge logical drive, it won't job-related.Use a partition tool to make sure Vista deserve to produce a primary partition.

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SYMPTOMSWhen you attempt to install Windows Vista, you may obtain the adhering to error message:Windows is unable to uncover a system volume which meets its criteria for installation.You endure this symptom if the adhering to conditions are true: In the BIOS, a global serial bus (USB) removable device is set as the begin device, or the USB removable tool is set to a higher priority than the initially hard disk drive in the begin order. You attach a non-bootable USB gadget to a USB port before you start the computer. You try to install Windows Vista from DVD installation media. CAUSEThis worry occurs because the Windows Vista installation must have the ability to create to the boot volume of the computer, and the boot volume need to be non-removable to proccasion later on removal of the boot gadget. If the boot device were rerelocated, this would certainly make it impossible for Windows Vista to begin. A computer system is restarted numerous times throughout installation. Because the BIOS reports the USB tool as the boot tool, and also the USB gadget is removable, Windows Vista Installation cannot continue. This is by architecture.RESOLUTIONTo occupational about this worry, usage one of the following approaches.Method 1Rerelocate the USB removable tool before you turn on the system. You may insert the tool after Windows Vista installation starts.Method 2Change the BIOS settings so that the USB removable gadget has a lower priority than the inner hard disk drive and the DVD drive.STATUSThis habits is by architecture.