Windows media cannot burn some of the flies

What you need to carry out if Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files

When it comes to burning papers utilizing Windows Media Player, the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error is the many prevalent. It’s also challenging to identify what reasons this error. This write-up will explain some of the many widespread causes and also provide you with ways on how to resolve this error.

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Windows Media Player has actually been had through all Windows versions because 1991. However, the file burning function did not appear until Windows Media player 7, which sustained audio CD-burning just. With the release of Windows Media Player 9 for Windows XP, data CD-burning assistance was included. In Windows Media Player 9, audio CDs could be burnt through volume leveling, which will certainly be pertinent later.


Today, CD and DVD burning is slowly going out of favor many thanks to flash vehicle drivers, memory cards, cloud storage, and also so on. Yet, some civilization still like CD and also DVD storage. Additionally, some institutions, colleges, and also also businesses around the people still use CDs to some extent.

Usually speaking, the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error constantly has actually something to do through either the Windows Media Player being corrupted or the files you’re trying to burn being corrupted. This error is common in the current Windows Media Player version 12, which comes on Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10.

In rare cases, for one reason or one more, Windows Media Player’s installation have the right to become corrupted. Also, third-party burning software application might interfere via Windows Media Player, leading to the error.

However, in most cases, the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error occurs because of the records users attempt to burn. Some records can be problematic. Some records may interfere via the burning process because they are protected or are read-only files.

Also, if you’re trying to burn an audio CD, check if you haven’t gone beyond the 80-minute limit. If you haven’t exceeded the 700MB capacity of a CD, if you go previous the 80 minutes limit, then you won’t have the ability to run the documents. If you’ve gone beyond this limit, then remove some of the records and also attempt burning the CD again.

Fortunately, tright here are methods you fix the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error.

Look at the name of the MP3 file. If tright here are any kind of extra dots in between the name of the song and also the file extension, rerelocate the added dots as they can be bring about compatibility issues.

Table of Contents:

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Method 1. Tweak Privacy Settings

The solution that appears to job-related for a lot of customers is changing the privacy settings in WMP. Disabling some features avoids the media player from trying to find additional information digital, which may reason an error.

1. Open Windows Media Player.

2. Open the Organize drop-down menu and click Options.


4. In the options window, click Privacy.

5. Unexamine all checkboxes under Enhanced Playback and Device Experience.

6. Click Apply and also click OK to save the alters.

Method 2. Uncheck Volume Leveling

Applying volume leveling in WMP is a common cause for the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the records.” Unticking the volume leveling option may settle the error.

1. Open Windows Media Player.

2. Open the Organize drop-dvery own menu and click Options.


3. Select Burn.

4. Uncheck the checkbox beside Apply Volume Leveling across tracks.

5. Click Apply and click OK to save the alters.

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Method 3. Rerelocate unsupported files that cannot be burned

All of the records included for burning show up on the appropriate pane of the Windows Media player. If you acquire the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error, take a look at the papers. If there’s a white cross within a red circle beside some papers, then it implies that the documents are not sustained, and also you should remove them from the burn list to get rid of the error.

1. Open Windows Media Player.


2. Select Burn on the top-appropriate side of the home window.

3. Drag and drop the files you desire to burn to a CD in the burn list in the ideal pane.

4. Click Start burn to begin burning the files to a CD.


5 if you obtain the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” error, click OK.


6. If the burn list has unsupported documents marked by a white X in a red circle alongside them, navigate to the Burn list.


7. Right-click those papers and also click Remove from list.

8. Then, click Start burn.

Method 4. Remove Read-just Access

Another widespread reason for the “Windows Media Player cannot burn some of the files” is the read-only establishing. To uninspect the read-just establishing, right-click the papers you want to burn individually or together, and pick Properties. Then, uninspect the Read-only establishing and also click Apply to save the brand-new setting.

1. Navigate to the place of the files you want to burn to a CD.


2. Select all of the files, right-click them, and click Properties.


3. In the General tab, under Attributes, uncheck the Read-only checkbox.

4. Click Apply and click OK.

Method 5. Rerelocate uncrucial characters from filenames

Filenames with unimportant personalities, particularly dots, may reason the error because WMP can mistranslate the file expansion and also cause the error. Also, one-of-a-kind characters, such as accented personalities and also characters not native to the English language, could likewise be the issue. Because of this, it’s necessary to deal with the file names before burning the papers to a CD.

1. Navigate to the area of the papers you desire to burn to a CD.


2. Right-click the problematic file, and also click Rename.

3. Remove any type of dots and/or distinct personalities from the name and save the brand-new name.


4. Right-click the file and click Properties.

5. Select the Details tab.

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6. Erase any kind of unique characters had in the Title, Album artist, Album name, and also so on.