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I had actually a difficulty through the papers I converted to mp4 once trying to play them in Windows Media Player. Now I recognize world will certainly be yelling "Why are you using WMP as soon as you have actually VLC!!!?". The answer is, I am frequently asked to make copies of church sermon videos and also presentations for congregation members that are regularly Less than technology savvy and trying to tell them WHY vlc is much better, that vlc is legal, that vlc won"t harm their computer system, telling them how to downpack and install vlc and/or arguing with them that 2 minutes is NOT "as well much bother" takes HOURS and also is typically Futile. That shelp I attempt to make my videos run on WMP to conserve the headache.Now on to the factor for my post:WMP has actually a difficulty running papers converted to mp4 by VLC. It runs the video fine, yet no audio.

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Additional it displays some kind of processing bar in the edge that says "The Netjob-related is also busy to play the file at its original quality". Due to the fact that this is a file on the local hard drive, a netjob-related error message appears silly. Rapid foward with hours of internet study on resetting WMP to solve the Error. Because other mp4 documents on my drive (not converted) played on WMP I figured the problem was through the convariation. Fast forward aobtain via hours of H.264 compatibility and also third party codecs for WMP. I wanted to discover a way to make mp4s converted from vlc run in WMP. Fast forward yet again via hrs of looking for, installing, utilizing, uninstalling, and finding a far better Freeware codec analyzer (G-spot final choice). I finally uncovered that the worry is not via the H.264 video codec that the default conversion profile vlc offers for mp4s yet rather with the MPEG-1 audio codec that it provides.SOLUTION: Create tradition convariation Profile Encapsulation - select MP4/MOVVideo codec - Select H.264 from Drop dvery own menuAudio codec - Check "Audio" box, examine "Keep Initial Audio Track" box (the audio track box is CRITICAL), Select Mpeg 4 AAC from dropdown food selection (I additionally choose 44100 Hz sample price, do not recognize if that renders a difference)You will certainly notification a slight decrease in audio volume on the converted file but other than that it need to run fine in WMP 12 (tested 3 converted files)Edit: So far this method only seems to job-related through .flv, other file forms still display screen the errorNew Systems - readjust Audio to MP3 execute NOT store Original