Windows search email indexer disabled

I fixed a trouble now with Outlook 2010 that has actually never before come up before and won’t have actually any kind of relevance to any type of of you. This description may assist someone that finds it in a Google search – and it will certainly serve as yet one more illustration of exactly how our stays are getting even more complicated, not less, as time goes on.

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SUMMARY: If searches do not work in Outlook 2010 on Windows 7, make certain the Windows Search and Indexing Service functions are turned on. The COM addin mssphtb.dll (“Windows Search Email Indexer”) is not required by Outlook 2010 and is deliberately disabled.

Keep in mind that tright here was a followup for an extremely certain additional worry via the Samsung Series 9 lapheight.

I pulled a new lapoptimal out of package and also began up Windows 7 Home Premium. After the initially few rounds of updays, I set up Office 2010 Professional from disk and also connected Outlook to my Exadjust mailbox. The mailbox filled up usually.

When I put my cursor in the Search bar above the Inbox (presented above), a message automatically appeared: “The Windows Search Engine is presently disabled. Outlook will not have the ability to carry out fast search results utilizing the Instant Search usability unmuch less this service is running. Please contact your device administrator.”


I contacted my system administrator. He didn’t have actually a clue, what with being me and all.

The search functions in Windows 7 and also especially in Outlook are the facility of my life. I cannot usage Outlook without being able to search. There’s an write-up today in Small City Law Firm Tech about the wondrous Search toolbar in Outlook 2010. You should always be looking for points, not in search of them in long lists.

In the course of the next couple of hrs, I did every one of these points.

The Windows Search company (Control Panel / System and also Security / Administrative Tools / Services) was disabled. I allowed it. It was still on after I rebegan, till I released Outlook, at which allude it automatically flipped earlier to “Disabled” (although it ongoing to display “Started,” which was strange).I ran the built-in repair procedure for Office 2010 (Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a regimen / highlight Office 2010 / Change).Outlook 2010 gives direct accessibility to the Windows 7 Indexing Options dialog (File / Options / Search). The button was greyed out.

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When I reached the Indexing Options window from Control Panel, Microsoft Outlook was not listed as a area to be indexed, and might not be added from any kind of manage in that window. I deleted and reconstructed the index, with no result.Windows Search is among the items noted in Control Panel / Programs and also Features / Turn Windows attributes on or off. It was checked. I unchecked it to turn the attribute off, rebegan, checked it to revolve it back on, and restarted. Nopoint changed.


At some point I saw that an Outlook COM addin named “Windows Search Email Indexer,” was disabled. (Data / Options / Addins. The file is C:WindowsSystem32mssphtb.dll.) Nothing I tried would certainly convince it to continue to be allowed. Ah ha!


This addin dates ago at leastern to the arrival of Windows Search for Windows XP. It took a while to find that mssphtb.dll is not essential by Outlook 2010, which is programmed to disable it. It is unclear why it’s present on a brand brand-new system that has never watched one more variation of Windows or Office.


At some point I realized that I had overlooked a detail in this short article, and that the answer remained in this write-up (by an writer who assumed the difficulty stemmed from an upgrade from Office 2007).

Tbelow are 2 Windows features that have to be set up and also running on Windows 7 for browsing to work-related in Outlook 2010: Windows Search (pictured above), and Indexing Service.


The Indexing Service was unchecked on my brand-new lapheight. I don’t recognize if it arrived that method or if it was disabled during installation of Office 2010 or some other program. I don’t recognize why tright here are two different Windows attributes that need to be turned on for looking. Although the name shown is “Indexing Service,” it doesn’t appear by that name in the list of Services in Control Panel.

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When I checked the Indexing Service and rebegan, Outlook searches were totally normal.

Now that I’ve learned that and also tucked it right into one of the few staying empty corners of my brain, I don’t mean to ever before view it aget. Tomorrow it will be somepoint various. I remember as soon as I used to recognize exactly how to carry out points instead of just how to execute Google searches!