Windows server 2008 backup and restore to different hardware

Looking for a method to make Windows Server Back-up gain back to a various computer system that might be via different hardware configurations in Server 2012/2008? You can learn the information steps from this page.


2. Connect outside storage to the Server 2012 if important. In AOMEI Backtop, click Backup and also then System Backup. The boot related drives are selected by default. Follow the wizard to finish device backup. Be sure you know the path the image stores.

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3. Insert the bootable USB drive on location machine. To boot from the bootable drive, you may should change boot priority. If you place device photo on exterior storage, connect the storage to the location machine also.

4. Once startup, you’ll see loaded AOMEI Backtop Server. Click Rekeep and Select Task to select your system image. The backup photo must be detected instantly if it is stored on the connected storage. If not detected, click Select Image File to manually navigate to the image.


5. Then, choose system backup and click Next off.


6. Tick Resave this mechanism backup and also then Resave system to other location at the bottom, click Next off.


7. Select the location disk to reclaim image, and also click Next off.


8. On the summary web page, make sure the “Universal Restore” option is checked. If the selected disk is an SSD, the “SSD Alignment” option will certainly arise, and examine it as well to boost SSD performance.

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9. Click Start Restore, grab a cup of coffee and also wait for it completes. The time varies from minutes to hours, depending upon the size of backed up mechanism.

10. Disaffix the bootable drive and rebegin the destination Server from the recovered device.


Above actions likewise use to Windows Server 2008 backup regain to various hardware.


To make Windows Server Back-up regain to various computer, the simplest means is to finish through AOMEI Backtop Server. It offers a straightforward way to perform discomparable hardware gain back. And the bootable media creation helps a lot as soon as the targain machine refoffers to boot.

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Except for backup and also reclaim, AOMEI Backtop Server plays an important duty in difficult drive upgrading. You can clone tough drive to SSD in Windows Server without reinstalling. Get it and uncover more.