Windows system protection background tasks high disk usage


Srjobs.exe is an executable file that is part of Microsoft Windows developed by Microsoft Corporation. But some of you don’t understand if it is a virus. In addition, you may don’t know how to resolve the worry resulted in by it. Now, read this write-up from Systems, you deserve to plainly recognize the over questions’ answers.

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What Is Srjobs.exe

What is srtasks.exe? It is the executable of a legitimate Microsoft procedure dubbed System Protection Background Tasks. Windows 10’s Task Scheduler provides it for automatic developing system restore points.


What is a mechanism gain back suggest and just how to create gain back suggest Windows 10? This post will certainly present you the answers.

Microsoft Windows system security background jobs is situated in C:WindowsSystem32 and is distinct to Windows 10 and also Windows 8. However before, Microsoft Windows system defense background tasks doesn’t exist on Windows 7 or an additional older Windows version.

Potential Security Threat

Some civilization reported that the antivirus suites have actually pertained to the file as a potential virus. Sometimes, it is simply a false positive. There is a malware well-known to camouflage as the legitimate srtasks.exe process, however the name is slightly different. The virus will present up in Task Manager as srtask.exe. You deserve to discover that it’s absent the last “s“.

You have the right to check out Microsoft Windows mechanism defense background tasks’ location to recognize if you’re infected by malware. Here is just how to perform that:

Step 1: Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the exact same time to open up Task Manager and locate the srwork.exe process by means of the Processes tab.

Step 2: Then, right-click it and also pick Open file location.

If the place is in Windows > System32, the Microsoft Windows mechanism security background tasks is absolutely not a virus. If you uncover the process in a various place, you’re managing a virus infection.


You have known if it is a virus. Then you probably want to know if you have to delete it. It’s not recommfinished to carry out that. Deleting the executable will certainly not be feasible with normal perobjectives, and also it will certainly more than likely proccasion your OS from creating an automatic mechanism gain back points.

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How to Fix High Usage Causage by Srtasks.exe?

Microsoft Windows device security background work is frequently linked with high CPU usage and high disk task. The issue is still fairly prevalent. Some people have reported a CPU usage of nearly 70% by this procedure alone. The just way to solve the concern is to disable System Restore.

Note: Keep in mind that doing so will proccasion you from reverting your computer to a previous allude in time.

If you decide to go via with it, you have the right to follow the instructions below:

Tip 1: Press the Windows vital + R key at the same time to open the Run home window. Then type systempropertiesprotection and click OK.

Step 2: Open the System Protection tab of System Properties.


Step 3: Then click the Configure switch under Protection Settings and also click Disable device protection.


Tip 4: Then click Apply and OK.

Note: If you decide to re-permit System Restore, you have the right to reverse engineer the steps above and set the Restore Settings to Turn on mechanism protection.

Final Words

From this article, you can know what Microsoft windows device security background jobs is and also just how to deal with the concerns resulted in by it.

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