Windows was not able to find any backup sets


Using the mechanism picture created by Windows Backup and Rekeep to make a mechanism image recovery but Windows cannot find mechanism image? Here is exactly how to conveniently solve the issue of Windows can not discover a backup for this computer system on Windows 10/8/7, as well as an excellent means to earlier up & gain back PC.

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Can"t Find System Image

"I"ve freshly made the adjust from Windows 7 to 10. When my tablet emerged a display fault, I adhered to the image backup guide onsite before requesting a manufacturer exchange. With the new tablet, I"ve followed steps to reclaim the photo, yet I acquire the "Windows cannot uncover a device photo on this computer" message... I wonder if it"s simply much easier using third party or tbelow is a user-friendly method roughly this?" tenforums

Actually, this problem frequently happens while you regain a device image from an exterior difficult drive or USB flash drive through the built-in Windows backup and regain energy, and also also you execute mechanism picture recoincredibly from command also prompt.

Re-photo your computer system interchallenge will prompt to choose a system image backup. If Windows falls short to detect the device image file, you will certainly receive the complying with error message:

"Windows cannot discover a system image on this computer system.

Attach the backup difficult disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set and click Retry. Additionally, cshed this dialog for even more alternatives. "


In many cases, it is most most likely that the outcome is the same if you follow the instruction to reattempt. Well then, what have to you carry out to fix this problem if you likewise have actually the error while restoring your computer in event of device accidents?

Take it easy! This article aims to help you resolve it quickly and also safely in Windows 10/8/7.

Rename System Image Folder as "WindowsImageBackup"

Keep in mind that the folder for your backup need to be named "WindowsImageBackup". Sometimes, you might adjust the folder name of the system image, which can result in Windows cannot discover a system photo on this computer system issue. Therefore, adjust the folder name to the correct one.

Put "WindowsImageBackup" Folder in the Root Directory of a Drive

The folder of your backup should be at the peak level of your external hard drive (not inside any kind of sub-folders). Or else, Windows system recoextremely will fail because the device image cannot be found.

Hence, please make sure you put "WindowsImageBackup" in the root catalog instead of any sub-folders, for example, G:WindowsImageBackup.

Don"t Change the Name of Sub-folder Name

You must make sure the following sub-folder is precisely the Windows computer system name that it had initially once creating the system gain back. If you adjust it, the recoincredibly will certainly fail given that Windows might not discover a backup for this computer system.

Don"t Add Any Folders in "WindowsImageBackup" Folder

Please guarantee that you haven"t added any kind of various other folders in the "WindowsImageBackup" folder other than disk imperiods of other computers.

If not, all alphabetically trailing device imeras will be prevented from being uncovered by any type of various other folder favor an empty folder that is alphabetically ahead of a Windows Image Folder.

Save One System Image on USB Drive

If you have conserved multiple device images on one USB flash drive and rename the MediaId file on any type of of the imeras, then Windows system recoincredibly will certainly not discover all images alphabetically trailing the one through the recalled MediaId file.

Note that MediaId or MediaID.bin is a document developed as a result of a backup. If you find device photo regain can not watch USB difficult drive, you had actually much better rerelocate some backup documents to any type of other location together with mediaID.bin.

In brief, any kind of transforms to your device photo backup can cause Windows cannot discover a system image on this computer. Hence, don"t make any type of changes. Just attempt these options currently.

Use MiniTool ShadowMaker for System Image Recovery

Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool ShadowMaker is the best alternative to Windows integrated backup and restore tool.

As a item of expert Windows backup software, it have the right to aid to create a photo backup for computer system file, Windows operating system, partition, and hard drive. Besides, automatic backup, incremental backup, and differential backup are sustained.

Most importantly, this software application permits you to develop a bootable disc so that you are able to regain a mechanism image from your outside tough drive or USB flash drive once Windows cannot boot.

In addition, this tool doesn"t have actually a limitation, for instance, it permits you to name the image file as you wish and change it at random.

With it, you don"t have to worry around Windows cannot discover a device picture on this computer system error during a mechanism photo recoextremely.

In the following component, we will certainly show you exactly how to ago up your OS in Windows 10 and restore a device photo in detail.

MiniTool ShadowMaker is compatible through Windows 10/8/7. Just acquire its Trial Edition (30-day complimentary trial) from the adhering to buttons and install it on your computer or directly usage its Professional Edition.

Free Download

Create a System Image

A mechanism image is sensibly vital to gain back your computer system to a normal state in instance of mechanism problems. Well then, ago up your OS currently in Windows 10/8/7.

Step 1: Open MiniDevice ShadowMaker.

Tip 2: Then go to the Backup interconfront where the system related partitions have been selected by this software program. Hence, you just have to specify a destination route to conserve the device picture file.


Step 3: Next, MiniTool ShadowMaker retransforms to the Backup web page. Here, you deserve to use Schedule, Scheme and also Options functions to make progressed settings for the backup. Finally, click Back up Now to start the backup procedure which can be viewed in Manage interchallenge.


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Make a System Image Recovery

If there is something wrong with Windows 10/8/7, now you deserve to pick to use the mechanism photo file developed by MiniDevice ShadowMaker to carry out device recoexceptionally without Windows cannot discover a system picture on this computer error. How to reclaim the system to its normal state?


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How to Build Boot CD/DVD Discs and Boot Flash Drive through Bootable Media Builder?

Tip 1: Boot COMPUTER from a bootable disc.

Start your computer system, push a specific crucial, enter BIOS and readjust the boot order so as to boot Windows 10 from the bootable disc you have produced.

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Tip 2: Start a system recoincredibly.

A few seconds later on, MiniTool ShadowMaker will certainly open voluntarily to its Home web page. You must click Restore in the toolbar to enter the adhering to interface.

Here, your backups are displayed right here and you should choose the mechanism photo to start a recoextremely by clicking Restore button.


Tip 3: Select a backup variation.

Next off, enter the following home window to select the backup variation depending upon the backup time. And click Next off switch.


Step 4: Select partitions to regain from backup file.

From the number listed below, you can see the device image file storage path as well as all disk partitions consisted of in the file.

And you need to examine all partitions for Windows to run and also MBR and also Track 0 choice, otherwise, your computer is many likely to be unbootable after the restoration. 


Tip 5: Select the taracquire disk.

All difficult drives that are detected by your computer deserve to be viewed on this page. Which hard drive carry out you want to restore your device image file to? Generally speaking, the original mechanism disk is regularly selected.

After completing the selection, a prompt will certainly tell you that data on particular partitions of the taracquire disk will be overwritten in the time of an image restoration process. Just click OK to proceed.


Step 6: Percreate restoration operation.

Look! MiniTool ShadowMaker is perdeveloping picture recovery. The elapsed time and also continuing to be time have the right to be checked out. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the recoextremely procedure is finimelted.


From the above system photo recoincredibly process, you understand the operation is very effective, which deserve to help you to avoid Windows cannot uncover a device photo on this computer issue that Windows integrated gain back tool brings.

What are you waiting for? Why not get MiniDevice ShadowMaker in Windows 10/8/7 for computer system protection?

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"Windows could not find a backup for this computer. Luckily, I additionally had a device photo developed by MiniTool ShadowMaker, helping restore my Windows 10 effectively." Click to tweet

Further Tip: Disk Cloning Helps to Boot Computer

Actually, MiniDevice ShadowMaker has actually an additional effective function called Clone Disk which is specially designed to transport data from one disk to one more disk. And the tarobtain disk is the exact same exactly as the resource disk.

If you clone device disk, the tarobtain disk can be offered to boot your computer system once it is unbootable. As such, disk cloning is worth recommfinishing. Just run it on your Windows 10/8/7 computer system for mechanism defense.


See the basic measures here:

Step 1: Run MiniDevice ShadowMaker and click Connect in the neighborhood section.

Tip 2: Go to Tools web page and also click Clone Disk function.

Step 3: Select the device disk in the resource area, then choose a hard drive to organize the resource data.

Step 4: Percreate the cloning procedure.

For more indevelopment, click How to Clone A Hard Drive to SSD in Windows 10/8/7.

After that, rerelocate the tarobtain disk and also put it in a safe place. Once device corruption happens, boot your computer from the location disk.

By this method, you likewise do not have to use Windows embedded Backup and Restore and won"t accomplish mechanism photo recoextremely can not discover picture issue.


Windows cannot discover a mechanism picture on this computer system on Windows 10/8/7 when perdeveloping a system image recoincredibly through Backup and also Restore? Now, take procedures to fix this concern.

For system backup & restore, we imply utilizing the ideal alternate to Windows Backup and also Rekeep, MiniDevice ShadowMaker.

Free Download

Should you have actually any kind of questions if you usage our software application to ago up and restore your system, do not forobtain to tell us by two ways: write your concept in an e-mail and send to ; leave a comment in the complying with zone. Similarly, any type of suggestions are also welcome.

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