Xbox 360 controller will not sync

my controller was working just fine yesterday no difficulties, this particular day my controller turned on my xbox (second gen) wirelessly and will not sync, tried to resync it however the lights on the xbox ring revolve off and the controller keeps blinking all 4 lights. tried the switch on the optimal of controller, nothing, xbox support said that they experienced that i have actually opened up the instance (simply did for cleaning a couple of times did it right didnt break anything last time i did that it was a couple of months ago) idk just how they recognize i had actually opened up the case without me informing them. need aid my controller isnt functioning rendering my xbox useless. TL;DR controllers not syncing however they turn on xbox.

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The controllers still use the wiremuch less signal as soon as hooked up through the play and charge cable. It just charges the battery.

perform you have access to a different wireless controller, that you deserve to attempt and sync via your 360? if it functions, the trouble lies through your controller. if it doesn't, it's a difficulty through your 360.

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yes my brother has actually a brand-new style xbox his controllers execute not affix to my xbox, just bought a brand-new plug and play kit and that does not occupational either. his controllers will certainly not sync with my xbox either.

Did you ever before finish up figuring out what was happening through this? I think I recognize what's happening, and it's actually no huge deal at all

I have actually the RF board ordered it has not arrived yet, it sassist that it must be here in between the 21-25 of might. i will let you all understand on this thread if it solved the trouble or not. be patience the answer will come as quickly as i recognize it. if you have actually even more information than has actually been expressed in this threview please let me recognize what you know.

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UPDATE: opened xbox up, takes around 3 minutes when you know what your doing, perhaps 15 if you have actually no concept whatsoever. USB plug in for RF is damaged. tright here is no link in between RF board and Xbox motherboard. this is many most likely the trouble. I will let you understand when i replace RF board.


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