Xbox 360 corrupted game download

A little percent of customers on Xbox 360 have actually reported that they are stuck in a loop where they are constantly motivated to re-download the Xbox Live Compatibility Pack. To resolve this, please:

1) Turn off the Xbox 360.

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Have you lost all your video game documents conserved on Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick? Read out this post to recover all the game records. Stellar Repair for Exchange Repair corrupt EDB documents and export all the recovered files to Live Exadjust. Downpack the demo version here. Step-by-step: Recover shed multimedia documents from Xbox 360.Everything and also anything regarded the Xbox 360. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and also more! Video Game downloads acquiring corrupted (self.xbox360). Was addressed by restarting the router and xbox, deleting the game"s corrupted data, clearing the xbox cache on all storages and also downloading and install the game aacquire (i think it still failed.

2) Turn the Xbox 360 earlier on.

3) Press the Guide switch on your controller, go to Setups, and choose System Settings.

Xbox 360 Downpack Game To Hard Drive

4) Select Storage or Memory.

5) Select the storage gadget containing the Compatibility Pack.


This is to aid civilization who corrupt their profile while modding.

6) Select Gamings and Apps, then Borderlands 2.

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7) Highlight each downloaded Compatibility Pack, push A and then pick Delete and hit A aacquire.

8) Boot Borderlands 2 while connected to Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 Downfill Game Crupted Laptop

9) When prompted, re-downpack the Compatability Pack.

10) Furthermore, the title update may be corrupted. Clear the mechanism cache of your Xbox 360. This will certainly remove all downloaded game updates, and also enable you to re-download any game updays that might be corrupted. You deserve to find instructions here:

If you still endure the problem, please redownload the Compatibility Pack through your account background. You have the right to find your Account History by navigating to the Setups Tab, picking Account and also Downfill History.

If the above actions perform not deal with your problem, please submit a ticket for further assistance.

Equipment 2: Delete partial downlots and then re-downpack

Use the adhering to steps to cancel all downloads, delete partial downtons, and download the content aobtain.

Step 1: Cancel all downloads

Press the Guide switch on your controller. Go to Gamings & Apps. Select Active Downloads. Select Cancel All.

Tip 2: Cancel partial downlots

On your console, go to settings, and then choose System. Select Storage, and also then select your storage device. Select the content kind you’re trying to downpack. Find the item you’re trying to downpack (may appear through a yellow warning icon). If the item is listed, select the item, and then select Delete.

Step 3: Downpack the content aget

Try downloading and install the content aget from your downfill history. Here’s how:

Turn off and then rebegin your Xbox 360 consingle. On your console, sign in to Xbox Live. Go to settings, and also then select Account. Select Downfill History. Browse your downfill history. Select the item, and then follow the on-display instructions to downpack the item again.

If the downpack fails, attempt the next solution.


Equipment 3: Clear your Xbox Live cache and also mechanism cache

Xbox 360 Downfill Video Game Crupted Computer

Downfill difficulties deserve to occasionally be resolved by deleting the Xbox Live cache and clearing the console’s system cache. Here"s how:

On your console, go to settings, and then select System. Select Storage, and then pick your storage tool. Select System Items. Select Marketplace System Data. Select Delete. Clear your Xbox 360 system cache. Rebegin your console. Go ago to Downpack History and also try downloading and install the item aget.

If the downfill falls short, attempt the following solution.

Solution 4: Test your netoccupational connection

You can be having actually an issue connecting to Xbox Live. See the Xbox 360 Connection and Netoccupational Systems.

If you suspect that you’re enduring a slow netoccupational link to Xbox Live, check out the Xbox 360 Slow Performance Equipment.

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Equipment 5: Try a direct modem link

If your Xbox 360 console is connected to the Internet via a rexternal, bridge, or wireless access suggest, try connecting the consingle straight to the modem, rather of through those gadgets. To do this, plug one finish of a netjob-related cable into the ago of the console and the other finish straight into your modem. Then try downloading and install the content aacquire.

Xbox 360 Downfill Game Corrupted Windows 7

Note If you’re having troubles downloading and install purchased content, watch Troubleshoot Xbox Live content problems on Xbox 360.